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Frage von MLingg:

Hello Together!

I am satisfied on the search after a camera which was following requirements:

- The camera is mounted in a hall in about 6 meters Height
- This is a field with approximately 14x11 m of the top filmed
- Sound does not play a role
- The whole thing was later s.PC can be viewed - it would probably s.einfachsten, the camera can transmit wirelessly send the whole s.den PC / ...

It would, of course, synonymous possible to read always the memory in the Height - is just a little complicated ...

This is supposed to serve for game analysis and / or training development.

I thought there was possibly a camcorder with which it would be feasible - possibly synonymous would go a "surveillance"?

I would be very grateful about suggestions.



Antwort von Jott:

Quite absurd. Calculate the time necessary point of view, no way. Maybe with extreme fisheye photo Clippers am now too lazy to calculate with. CCTV is still a s.ehesten approach.


Antwort von pilskopf:

With GoPro HD maybe.


Antwort von MLingg:

Synonymous, I think it looks bad with the Wide Angleziemlich. I would mount the camera even higher, but does not exist ...

By writing a webcam it will certainly be synonymous nothing, I suppose?


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