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Camcorder für progressive Aufnahme

Camcorder for Progressive Recording

Frage von gormhorger:
August 2005

I want a cheap camera as possible, which can progressively add. The VX 2000 of Sonyhabe I recently tested - it is to me a little too Globig and has far too many gimmicks. All that the camera may be, is provide a good picture and not do interlaced, but progressive.

Danke schon mal for your tips.

Antwort von Axel:

Well if you have the VX2000 is too bulky, I need you well with the Canon XL1 does not occur (in contrast to Sonyaber with progressive recording, the "film" under the DV-Cam 's). This is to be had in some cases even cheaper. Been relatively favorable. I would recommend the Panasonic AG VX 100th

Antwort von gormhorger:

naja - I had rather thought s.was more compact - and cheaper than ¬ 3500 would not be synonymous wrong ...
so like how SonyDCR-TRV950 - which, however, progressively

Antwort von Markus:


so far the recording format is 25p not yet widespread and usually found only on more professional equipment. I would now be synonymous only occurred to the previously mentioned Panasonic DVX100 and the Canon XL-2. The Panasonic is actually one of the more compact devices (such as size of the VX2000) and from 3599 ¬
The SonyXV2000 does not have a 25p recording.

Antwort von gormhorger:

wie krass ... would not have thought that the Sony VX2000 is not riff with the progressive absorption.

Antwort von Axel:

Hello Gormhorger,
Sony consumer cams do not have a significant progressive mode, such as your own link shows.
The question is, why do you lay out as great value. Computer operations is the progressive method (progressive scan) = hp only marginal interest excited, because it is only in very few cases has an advantage over interlaced material: with PS-PS-DVDs and DVD players on YUV with modern, s . projected best DLP projectors, the feeling disappears, consider a video. If any link in this chain overlooked (eg in the processing in the editing and sharing program to the DVD program with the insignificant Preferences "PAL"), you have no horsepower.
In 99% of all cases Interlaced is better. On a normal (tube) TV, it's always a line jump. Rapid movements, which are incorporated into PS, do not look as fluid from (not even via video projector!). If you have) as the target platform, a computer display (PS, the difference is still not significant. There is also the possibility with various codecs, the missing fields interpolated. Why is discussed in this forum so little about these things? Probably because they do not burn it on the nails.
To anticipate one more thing: With the famous "film look" using HP has done little to synonymous (search!). The only reason would be to buy HP devil come out, that one wants to let the material of imaging as a cinema copy. Since your 3000 ¬ but wealthy Only for a few minutes.

Antwort von gormhorger:

The question is, why do you lay out as great value.

The question I would like you to answer:

I am developing a team unteranderem s.einem interactive Rundumvideo, in which are recorded with a single camera a full 360 degrees. The result of the recording is a donut-shaped video, as you (on our home page

Antwort von jens:

"gormhorger" wrote:
So how about it with the xm series of canon?

Besides the aforementioned cams you probably do not (find in your price range), the 25p on it. No XM2.

Antwort von Markus:

Hello "gormhorger"

You once tried to simulate 25p with a camcorder? I am not thinking s.eine reprogramming the camera, but s.eine simple, manually increase the shutter speed to 1 / 25 seconds.

Leaving aside the fact that increases the motion blur ... brings in your specific case something? Then you'd have all the frames course, in each case (ie, two half-images belong together together) equalize.

Antwort von Axel:

Hello Gormhorger've seen the donut and the equalized Picture.
This is not about grandstanding, but a crystal clear business plan that is safe (in accordance with skillful presentation of producers or, if it produces itself: find customers). I would imagine that are the first applications in video surveillance, why would a security camera suitable. I'm not an electronics engineer, but I would pose the question here of whether either one or more such cameras, cheap conversion of a workshop, or reprogrammed, or if you do not like to cooperate with the producers seeking. The relevant posting I just think sometimes and sometimes not, but I remember more than a software re-programming (hacking tips, so to speak) have read, makes the 50i from a 25p one cam, but I think upper and lower field separately incorporated, but be saved as a single frame.
With an OB-Cam, perhaps with your mirror finished rebuilt, could you offer along with equalization of your software is a complete package.

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