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Frage von tdeece:


I have often filmed events, usually with a SonyPMW EX1 or EX3, rarely with a Canon XL-H1. Now there was often lately larger events in which I with 4 or even 5 cameras here (most of which was hired) that are usually small but SonyCams how V1E (adequate quality, nich so expensive).

I would now like to see if I like these big events are not synonymous with a video mixer and recorder can be cut to record and, instead of at home with all the tapes to make. Were synonymous to me the possibility to make a live projection during the event.

The video mixer has BNC and S-video inputs, the EX1 / 3 and XL-H1 are synonymous SDI-out, but I get as I said, do not cooperate in such an amount! And I would not like two XL-H1, and two zusammenmixen PMW EX3.

The SonyV1E has only one component output looks like to me SonyEingenmarke, a small Fipsel connection of s.einen a little mini-USB connector recalls. It also has HDMI out. Ne HDMI's ability to adapt to BNC? If so, is it advisable? Or foolish?

The Z1 has S-Video out, the endemic S-Video in. With S-Video I've still NEVER worked. If the signal quality is good? Not for nothing is really time for BNC to be the professional standard, right? BNC cable, I know in synonymous insane lengths, S-video I've seen so far never more than one meter ....

Or perhaps I should look completely different devices? For the easiest access I have, as I said, SonyV1er synonymous. But if I had to BUY in the price range four camcorder, that would be synonymous still in the frame, eventually cost "only" half as much as an EX3, for example ...

Any tip would be great! Thank you! :)



Antwort von newsart:

Hi, we do something regularly with Z1en and EX1en. because of the required cable length you really can only work with SDI. Therefore, we convert the component signal of the Z1 Camera s.der in SDI and s.Mischer back. Elegant (and indispensable) for HD SDI s.der Camera and s.Mischer. Thou canst anything because of the required cable lengths and forget about quality. If you already invest, then do think s.einen SDI-enabled mixers. We work with the SONY Anycast.


Antwort von tdeece:

SonyAnycast, huh? Okay, thanks, I'm gonna go googling go.

Final analysis, however, the question remains: how to convert your component signal to the Z1 in SDI? Spirals as a converter between her, or does this via a simple adapter? To what extent the signal suffers from underneath? If this is a good workable solution, that would already Not bad. ....

Thanks so far!


EDIT: SonyAnycast SDI is not capable, or do you?
---> Ah seen running with interchangeable modules. Of course I would need two (HD) SDI modules - not cheap, the whole ...


Antwort von newsart:

The Walk of component is to SDI converter with two small (about battery size Z1/EX1). Also unfortunately they are not quite cheap ...

The Anycast You can populate it with boards, as you need it. With HD-SDI board and application with Exen is a great combination.


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