Infoseite // Camcorder for golf swing (for analysis s.PC)

Frage von Erny-Singerl:

Have been very widely read and even more testing, but still found nothing:

Recording: the short film sequences (4-10 seconds)

Quality: color / sound, etc. are no preference, the important thing is the quality of many possible frames (Volbildmodus with 50/60 fps?)

Connection: transfer to the PC as easy as possible. MiniDV with Firewire is a gross motor as annoying to me.

already been tested:
Sony ... Firewire does and does not work
Canon ... before shutting down this connection s.PC
Mustek ... Jemseits quality of good and evil
Panasonic ... went quite well, but the tapes are nothing short of these recordings

High Speed Camera ... I am but too expensive

Is there now was no simple Schnick-Schnack zeitlupentauglicher with Recording and easy data handling?


Antwort von Markus:


regarding 50p recording would be the Panasonic AG-HVX200 or JVC GY-HD200 into question. Maybe yes, the more in your budget as a genuine high-speed cameras.

See synonymous (and linked to contributions):


Antwort von Blizzard:

Purchase SonyHDR you a HCX-like. the HC3 and HC7, which have a function, with the 3 seconds you can hold, then this will be in slow motion into the buffer is written, ie. Cam makes the 3 seconds from 12, because of the new CMOS technology of the Sony Moves, is the only cheap way to make slow motion shots.


Antwort von Anyone:

Simple ists with the 75th canon ixus
It may be 60 fps for a maximum of one minute videos.
Then cswing care.
And you're better equipped as so many Pro.


Antwort von jazzy_d:

The new Casio is 60 photos per second with 6MegaPixel and 300 fps video in VGA make up the card is full.


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