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Camcorder für schlechte Lichtverhältnisse

Camcorder for low light conditions

Frage von beeker:
Mai 2006


I'm looking for a camcorder, the synonymous get along with poor lighting conditions.

The device is intended for family photographs, that is children. Our living rooms are not particularly bright (which always turns digicam directly to Flash), the children have lead times before that somewhere, be it a dance of the dance school (grand hall, artificial), or a play (the large darkened room, stage intake from 10-12 m distance, no searchlights welcome:))

The search I used, it is recommended so often Panasonic (NV-GS300 as to indicate a first price region), but there is always synonymous again, what makes them great pictures "if the lighting is good" - and how quickly the pictures are bad, if not.

Can you recommend me here eh? After looking around the net I have the impression that the current Sony (DCR-HC96 example here) are better! Or not? From the Canon MVX 4i synonymous, I have read good, but once synonymous with the restriction to bright light.

Here's models, which are particularly suited for such recordings? May cost less synonymous happy, the other way, I would not like to scratch s.vierstelligen price range.

Ask for help, and many greetings


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Andreas,

When I read your post, I was immediately a camcorder before our eyes, which is currently the brightest thing you can get in the consumer area. And I was so pleased to give you the model name to ...

... well, at least until I came to your last paragraph. ¬ 2,400 is probably too scratched s.4-digit range. - Too bad!

"Can cost less synonymous like" contradicts "the best possible images in low light conditions.

Antwort von kerberos:

I have read in some other forums that there is probably nothing in the pricing area better than the Sony's for the lowlight area

Antwort von SammyGray:

I've got another SonyHC 90 E!

Makes super Aunfahmen LowLight in the price range.

Have yet to have lots of accessories to ...

Meld dich mal .. You can then synonymous send a link to sample photos!

LG Sammy

Antwort von beeker:

At least one has here are probably above the same background, decided to find a "bright" camcorder, a JVC model, then the DF540, with its F-1.2 lens.

On the other hand - 1.33 MP CCD (1/4.5 "), Video Resolution: 0.69 MP? Is not it a little bit? Can the normal shots here probably keep up with nearly a DCR-HC9x?


There are so few camcorder-review-collection sites on the Internet - including synonymous, there is a with such recordings?

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Video Resolution = 720 x 576 pixels

The less "MEGAPIXEL" a camcorder has, the better for video! For the already compact chips are overwhelmed by the MP models with even more individual picture elements. Too many pixels on to small chips have a rather negative effect on intensity (and other areas) ... There are some very good posts on this topic on this Page (which I know not, but I can not) think differently.

Antwort von Markus:

"Surreptitious Michel" wrote:
There are some very good posts on this topic on this Page (which I know not, but I can not) think differently.

However, I can confirm to you, because you is correct. ;-)

Antwort von Sprengepiel:

Tell me, yet something completely different, before I approach with the totally false expectations s.The Case:

I have so far, if synonymous only sporadically, with an old Grundig Sony co-operation model filmed, the Grundig LC285HE.

Hi-8 camera, approximately 16-18 years old, already synonymous with 10x zoom and image stabilizer.

When I grow now have a MiniDV camera in the current target price range - let's go of a SonyDCR-HC9x from:

- The recording quality is better and then
- The shooting in low light conditions it easier to see

or I'm there on the road in the completely wrong direction?

Antwort von Jan:

Hello Andi,

it can, depending on the older and more powerful model Hi 8 / S-VHSC be (large CCD, optical stabilizer), which a modern-day ¬ 300 is 1 / 6 "CCD camcorder beginners is not significantly better than the dusty old camera.

But in the Camcoderklasse of HC 90 / 94 / 96 - Pana GS 250 / 280 / 300 / 500 sensors with large 1 / 3 "or 3 x 1 / 6 or 3x1 / 4.7" with the knowhow digitlalem significantly more reserves have a more perfect Low Light hinzubekommen Picture.

Yes, I see even better low light images of 96 then SonyHC of Panasonic GS 300 - I think they are both in the area, depending from which glasses can look at both, and on which Page is just one.

Videoaktivdigital Yes - in fact as Pana Magazine of some users here denounced, once had 20 / 30 lux and 540 photos of JVC reingestellt particular praise - the outdid the much smaller class Primus Sony / Pana competition, it has rarely as a still strong / light Picture seen. Unfortunately, you produced because of its aggressive anti-noise increasingly synonymous artifacts, the AF was not exactly first class, otherwise a good cam but not quite in the class of the foregoing.

Yes Canon MVX 45i / 4i are a little behind Pana / Sonybestechen but with good detail solutions (MVX 45i wide angle, manual level control both - who once had a concert filmed - the function is estimated by Sony / Pana has in the current cameras, only the GS 500, the function.

But I am struck at Canon - that goes to the Semiclassical they have problems with less light or as strong red color changes at the concert / blue with their Autofucus - which must in principle almost always use manual, on my last rotation with Pana GS AF 500, the automatic has had amazingly few problems after switching synonymous mid-shot of the "singer Portrait."

But this is a general problem, Canon, Digi SLR camera owners will give me as right in itself represents a competitor Nikon D 50 for Beginners schlechterm light much faster / more accurate sharp.

Since the concert is also plenty of accessories needed you should take this with, with me were the number of fast 100 ¬ for a synonymous Consumercam,
My latest accessories:

Tripod - Velbon DV 7000 (although with 1.63 almost a little small, but is stable with fluid head) at about 100 ¬, directional micro Sennheiser MKE 300 approx 140 ¬, Included Battery CGA DU 14 and 2nd CGA DU 21 ca 60 ¬, extra batteries , jack extensions, XLR - jack adapter, cassette, etc nor what is to come at you ....


Antwort von Thomson:

Thanks for the detailed comments!

Overall, for me now, after finding synonymous usangekommen other threads to similar questions: [list] [*: e76d5f3c36] Panasonic has the largest fan base.
[*: e76d5f3c36] The Sony's are in the majority than with the better performance in low light.
[*: e76d5f3c36] In practice, this test can not always true.
[*: e76d5f3c36] JVC camcorder with built F-1.2 lens - synonymous noteworthy.
[/ list: u: e76d5f3c36] Despite section 3 because I tend to point 2 is currently DCR-HC9xE. Even though I really do not want to buy Sony (Memory Stick, attempt by the refusals of Third Party Batteries).

Something else: For Panasonic (vs. GS280. GS300) as synonymous with Sony (vs. HC94. HC96) seems to be almost identical models in each case to be made using select the larger number of synonymous still has AV inputs. I have observed that correct that there are no other differences here, and I understand correctly that the larger models only one who needs the s.Camcorders edit, dub and add movies from other sources like?

Antwort von beeker:

huch ... I was not even logged on my last post.

Yet in addition: Test of refusals of Third Party Batteries ... Batteries are they now operate on the market, the s.der HC94E/96E? According to what manufacturers have to look there?

Antwort von Jan:

Yes at Pana GS 300 only in DV In, at HC 96, in principle, only AV / DV.

Sonyhat rather large fan base, but JVC has 1.2 intensity but that alone is not sufficient for good LowLightBild.

In VAD LowLightbilder of GS 280 are in addition to HC 94 - sees itself as the absolute beginner, the least with the pictures of VAD, the Pana is pretty much better - next to last edition's it.

In GS 500, I can confirm it, since I own LowLight experiences at concerts - where she had actually lost one battle with XM 2, L 1 / 2 do - XM 2 hit you ever been - at least in the AF, in my opinion .

Panasonic, the consumer is necessarily worse, has changed Seir the current Panasonic models.


Antwort von prem:

Hello Beeker!

S.sich For those camcorders I can tell you anything because I do not know in practice.
But relating to DV - In I want to give you the tip that this is very useful!
It is by no means playing there only to material in the camera, to edit it in this too. This is done nowadays with almost every major computer and software much better and cheaper very comfortable!. Rather, I use the DV input for my work completed video archive. Since transferring to VHS with clear loss of quality and a natural decay (demagnetization) of the analog tapes do not really question is, is sure to burn a DVD prior art. But as synonymous to the back and "failures" have, and one (due to the recent legal brief existence) Long-term storage safety could not be found, is a backup on DV tape very useful.

Good lighting


Antwort von Jan:

That indeed is to make everyone as he likes, strangely 90% of the "normalos want" - I think there are probably a few more to cut burn to DVD movie, I hardly know people (except for Mark and a handful of here) - to the replay tape or film to use the computer in for the live cut. The reasons for a possible reworking of DVD MPEG 2 are known.

In the next few years, the issue MiniDV / Firewire is dead anyway, if just about any consumer / professional synonymous as used now SonyPDW F330 / F350 with Blue Ray DVD or similar soon the Panasonic AJ HPC 2000 on their P 2 card then with a Record MPEG 4 Compression can at last more than a few minutes to get the best quality - no longer recording onto cassettes.

No later than the spring of 2008 it is determined only 3-5 new Sony MiniDV type camera, the rest probably on DVD with MPEG 4, Panasonic is synonymous with several models with the MPEG 4 Komrimierung write on SD card, Canon's is sleepy as ever.

To my sales, I see already the Sony2006er Mini DV completely wegbricht, HC 23 is still running pretty well, HC 94 / 96 s.and to - the rest do not, the DVD models are almost / klassenähnlichen already passed in the models.

2005, was quite different even less popular models such as PC 1000, or 22.32 HC s.and went to over the counter, HC 17 / HC 90 went like bread - now just 2-3 MiniDV models - the rest to eradicate the right to . Even hard newcomer SR 90 is now in demand.


Antwort von Markus:

"Jan" wrote:
[...] Models are almost the DVD / klassenähnlichen already passed in the models.

[...] Now just 2-3 MiniDV models - exterminate the rest to himself. Even hard newcomer SR 90 is now in demand.

Well, edit their pictures, people no longer in? Or is there now an ultimate video editing software, each compression format accepted?

Antwort von Jan:

Yes now the big one comes, Rudi had indeed written the new Magix 2006 / 2007 (with the portrait of the small handheld camera on it in front) no problems
With DVD to have data.

Yesterday's times I'd played on the Calculator, and then with DVD-RW with all sorts of cameras ala SonyDVD 505 or Panasonic VDR 150 - VR mode - Video mode - finalize / does not try to import the material, you will laugh - rushed the Calculator s.no take preference if it's to VOB (Video mode) or VRO (VR mode)
Files went, I was only with Alt / string / Remove buttons busy - as every time it has locked up the system and got no response.

It could possibly be s.dem Calculator, although in my company actually not so likely to be lame, will try again someday.

But it is as simple as dubbing mini DV via FW with the Movie Maker which is certainly not.


Antwort von kerberos:

This Magix clutter crashes for me on two machines and over again from synonymous.

Must be s.Programm ...

Antwort von Jan:

I have not read Magix instructions, may think the only for DVD camcorders with USB dubbing? Yes because Sony user can wrap up warm because with the current 2006ern DVD only have 405 / 505 a USB input / output.

The Canon DC 10 / 20 / 40 DVD will be of the included "My Roxy" synonymous program authorized only by USB dubbing, only small DVD back in the calculator, and edit with Roxy is not.

At first I thought I was too stupid to ask, but if a 2nd synonymous stress has been the same ....


Antwort von kerberos:

I have a miniDV camcorder that I have problems synonymous.

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