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Camcorder für meinen neuen film? OK, ABER WELCHEN!?!?!?

Camcorder for my new film? OK, BUT WHAT !?!?!?

Frage von GuitarRy:
Januar 2006

hello people,
sure many of you know how bad it is spoiled for choice to have. I have now are long done properly and save money! ok Christmas has helped but I would like to buy a camcorder, or more precisely the BEST camcorder for about 2500euro! I've made myself einwenig smart and ears so as to have occurred to me: Canon Xm2 this Pd1 of the JVC and sony hdr of which are all in 1200bis1600euro. The important thing is just a stop at the Camera, or halt the highest quality I can get! as synonymous, and a high sharpness of movements! The recordings are way s.Pc Sliced and will be processed! therefore, recommends it, the whole over a firewire connection to make or something?
thank you thank you thank schonmal before!
Garry Sonneborn

Antwort von Otti20vt:


I myself am synonymous shortly before the purchase of a Semi-Profesional Cam. Since a few weeks ago I read here in this forum and here you will find very many details that would help you in the decision, but since you are apparently too lazy to read and to search, you have now opened once again a new thread? : D

But why the videos you want to cut s.PC? but is complicated! And what is Firewire?
I cut my videos with the scissors, is a little difficult with the smallest MiniDV tapes, with the VHS tape was much easier.

You should already show a more Wennig eigeniniziative ...

Antwort von Markus:

"GuitarRy" wrote:
therefore, recommends it, the whole over a firewire connection to make or something?

Since I can only agree with the previous speaker. Look out here in the forum, at times, because your camcorder is regularly discussed all sorts of price ranges.

For the above quote: It is linked almost daily s.den my instructions for connecting a camcorder Calculator, which responds to Firewire special. ;-)

Antwort von Kiara Borini:

I can only agree with Mark ...

By the way your Festststellung Firewire provokes the question: Is there already exists a PC along with software, or must be purchased synonymous nor the Christmas money??

Besides film (and synonymous Video) is an expensive hobby. And if Hollywood s.Money devouring vast quantities, then not only because of the best cameras that are bought there.

Otherwise: In ebay there tends to be for a few hundred Euronen useful / used DV cameras. So you can grow into the hobby and then white after a couple of shooting, how to be saved is an interest-bearing money creatively. Nothing is more frustrating than a bad buy as a hobbyist. And a used camera loses almost s.wert yet, and ebay, there are probably still a few months ...

If you can let other hand, participate in the tax office, can be much easier to put away. (Although then the investment synonymous quickly be higher by orders of magnitude.)

Antwort von ayreon:

Why are these cameras, what will you do so, and you already have prior knowledge?
Perhaps erstmal here a little reading, then puts this "Much money, but little idea" attitude of self -

Antwort von GuitarRy:

And you can only rummeckern doing little to help! I already have prior knowledge. And besides, I read here are already 2 month fool around in there and with all one has to ask themselves "nooby" sounds like you treat just as stupid!
just one or 2 cams and well known is! Instead nöööö
pff so if I go in the max forum because I am taken more helpful to people

Antwort von Stefan:

This is s.der nature of the question.

It dares to say simply to None "You take the camera XYZ, which is exactly right for you. PS. I have to sell one ...".

Why? such a response would be fairly easy ...

From the 3-4 cameras, which you mention, hardly anyone has one let alone 2 or 3 for the Comparison.

Those who have such a camera, know the conditions (which one man = woman / man behind the tool to bring) in order to rauszuholen sensible imagery. The tool produces is not a problem.

Another example: A Question "Ferrari, Lotus or Porsche?" None does, who already runs sports cars. Declaring, where the problem lies, and it is a matter of taste and belief, is tedious and unpleasant.

And what does not recommend the one who drives the sports car itself does not ... Well referring to the booklet of ABC, describing where the things or places where there are reviews ... In our forum which is often a stop search in the forum, the question arises on all three days. "

Another point - plays an essential role for me - is the Height of the investment. If I have the feeling that someone could put my counsel because of his knowledge and his savings in the sand, I hold myself back or try to purchase additional notes to those erstmal einzubremsen something.

Unfortunately, the slow down sometimes, as here as "Nobody wants to help me, you're all dumb misunderstood. I do not like to listen to, so I shut up. Others burned or stop their mouths, but they are not synonymous with 700 posts round here ...

Noob on the topic ... with me now go up in the noob of the pulse. Is any noticeable ill-considered question excusable, if only reinschreibt "I am the biggest noob in the world, please help me? Do not laugh - I've already thought of a word filter on Noob apply to me to hide those items. "Best quality" would be the way, the next candidate.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von PowerMac:

I'll join.

Show your Language and your expression that you have no idea.
Do you expect that someone will give you a hint, as you put 2000 in the sand?
Next you show such stupidity. Nothing in ignorant, as naively ask a question without having first researched themselves properly.
That may be forgiven. But on this question you need to show self-initiative! Purchase all the magazines on the subject and search the whole day on the Internet to all reviews, tests, portals, and forums. How to use the thing is synonymous important! If you did got done ", if you have only a camera?

As will be looking for. Further, it is a process to get idea of video technology. No one here has known all at once. Synonymous why you do not get an answer to your question. That brings DIR nothing. You must sign up snared by all the information.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Incidentally, I contend, then a forum is good and useful if it does not answer every stupid question.
Thus, many people first learn to show initiative in order to own. Even looking to research and inform. That is the alpha and omega of the Internet. Anyone who does not understand, it needs to learn. It is the people even made educationally palatable by convincing them that this information belongs. Simply because it does not work, the answer to such questions. If you say, take X and do Y, what's the point? If lation to be so naive and exactly imitating? He should first learn yourself!

Antwort von GuitarRy:

I understand that with the suggestions! but only one has made a proposal criticized the other only me! And why it says I have no idea permanently? naja not I can prove! höchtstens if one wants to have sent one of the movies! we were with our first film of the newspaper, okay no special power but we are proud of! in any case I thank you anyway for your criticism. I have now used the canon xl2 () to an increased price of 2300 Euro! This was bought in september! And you know NOT to gebrauchsspuren! I am completely satisfied with the cam! s.einem workshop I will attend next week! This is not an official event Powers said a "heh? the cannon, and then workshop is always" I am excited of the image quality and sharpness of the multiplicity of s.möglichkeit! machts well
And thank you for struggling! And uh, I have at least 2 weeks long in zeitschrifetn, internet and researched the forums!
soderle now enough!
machts well much success yet!
schönen gruß

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