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Frage von eberhard:

Who can give me some advice?
I want to buy a DV camcorder, I thought this s.den Panasonic NV-GS75.
It would be very important that I bring in artificial light, good videos concluded. I have a NV-GS11 makes this a very nice noise in the picture. Were it the NV-GS75 better or are there better cameras in the price range?



Antwort von Jan:

Hi Eberhard,

Noise and White balance (tungsten) are two pairs of shoes, but are related.

Yes Panasonic rushes in many consumer models, a little more than primus Sony, where little light is vorätig or / and has been massively increased. That is not stalking so as to better illuminate s.besten. Unfortunately, I have learned synonymous, the older models such as eg for 11 to GS sharper / higher contrast / brighter images in low light than comparable newer GS 17th

When the camera brings in artificial light, no proper colors should perhaps be time to make the manual white balance, which may be synonymous, the GS 75th The course brings in almost no light without lighting synonymous nothing.

If it prevails not extremely bad light, you can take the GS 75 - or rather, the new GS 180th Competitors would SonyHC 39 / Canon MVX 300 / 330.

If Panasonic could also be strengthened even more manual (gain), even the beginner model GS 17 / 27 - the new offering a free decibel gain for incredible 250 ¬ / camera.



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