Infoseite // Camcorder with NTSC format usable in Germany?

Frage von Sille:


I'm in the U.S. and had me after my old Panasonic video camera was stolen, bought here a new one. It is a Panasonic PV-GS59. I am unfortunately only now noticed that this happens not at all my old tapes, as these were included with the PAL format. Now I wonder, of course, as far as I bring this camcorder, if I turn back to Germany this summer, because there is really only used PAL and my new tapes are all been included in the NTSC format. Does this mean now that I can start with the camcorder, nothing should try and sell it again or is there a way you can modify this or can bring in Germany, still on the computer and on a DVD?

It would really be great if someone I might help here ..

MfG, Sille


Antwort von PowerMac:

"Sille" wrote: (...) Does this mean now that I can start with the camcorder and nothing should try him again (yours ...)



Antwort von beiti:

If your Television in Germany NTSC playback controls (which the newer almost all) do, you can connect your camcorder here and play the movies.

You can, however, the NTSC tapes on PAL camcorder does not play (with) a few exceptions. So when the camcorder one day break down, You do not want again determined rebuy an NTSC camcorder as a playback device.
You want to certainly not synonymous in the coming years to film in Germany with the NTSC camcorder, for the use of these photographs is somewhat limited.

I would recommend you, therefore, dub all previously recorded tapes to DVD, since DVDs in NTSC can play almost all DVD players in use in Germany.

Whether dubbing functions to the PC with your own camcorder, I can not say for sure. According to Panasonic website the GS59 lacks a Firewire output, and I doubt whether the dubbing of video works via the USB port. Perhaps this is what the Manual. If it is in principle, it is synonymous in Germany on a German operating system.

Alternatively, you could leave the dubbing of recordings of a service company. Then it would s.geschicktesten, you sell the camcorder just yet in the U.S. and bring with him not even to Germany, because in this country you will not get much money for it.


Antwort von Markus:

"beiti" wrote: You can, however, the NTSC tapes on PAL camcorder does not play (with) a few exceptions.
I think the exceptions are still quite diverse, as PAL is technically more demanding than NTSC. This may indeed reflect many PAL-NTSC devices, but conversely, only a few NTSC devices start something with PAL video recordings.

PAL is in many ways better and more mature television standard. Personally, I would therefore (in PAL country) always prefer a PAL camcorder, although I could begin to speak in NTSC, and reprocess spent.


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