Infoseite // Camcorders Buying cheap, only as a setter (DV in / out)

Frage von benjab:


Seeking a MiniDV camcorder, which will be used exclusively as a setter. Consequently, Optics etc. are not important, but should

- Very cheap,
- Strictly with DV in / out and
- Be as robust as possible.

Somebody has an recommendation?

With thanks and Gruss,



Antwort von Markus:

Hello Benjamin,

I am afraid, "very cheap" stands in stark contrast to "most robust". The former would be an entry-level camcorder with DV-IN, the latter is a stationary DV - DVCAM recorder.

A specific camcorder model for the former, I can not call you.


Antwort von benjab:

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your contribution. A stationary DV / DVCAM playback devices I can not afford at all. Budget is clearly robust given. To refine my preferences:

- If possible under 350 euros

Is there something? Perhaps someone has had positive experiences with) an affordable entry-level camcorder (1chip, which he often used as a setter?

Gruss, Benjamin


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