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Camcorder für Anfänger gesucht; bis 500€

Camcorders for Beginners looking for; to 500 ¬

Frage von drog90:
Januar 2011

am in the film industry relative beginners. Have some years ago some things with the camera my brother (very old model with Panasonic tapes yet) filmed and edited this s.PC.

Now I was about to film a friend of his wedding and asked them to create a small video memory.
This inquiry has given me the last incentive for me to go up a camcorder. I always have long played with the idea.

I've already read through some tests, but unfortunately I do not know what is good.
I get very quickly through how everything works. Although I am a bloody Beginners so I powers no model where you can set only 2-3 things.

Budget about 500 ¬, but I want to:
- Camcorder which recordet on the hard drive (if that makes sense to know me not so good)
- Tripod (nothing to high, just be functional)
- 2 Battery
- Carrying case / bag for the camcorder (if they are not included)

That would actually come.
Hope you can advise me what fine.


Antwort von campool:

Cam: Canon HF R16 (with only memory) 300 ¬
2. Battery: replica, available for less than 50 Ocken in the electronics market.
Tripod Vanguard MG-3 (is fluid damped, soft butter for pan) 60 ¬
Bag: Lowepro Apex 100 30 ¬

Already ne top wagon, but thinking s.den sound! The best way to increase a little and even the zoom H1 (99 ¬ at Thomann: http://www.thomann.de/de/zoom_h1_bundle.htm)

Good luck!

wishes Tim

Antwort von drog90:

Thanks for your answer. Really helped me a lot.

Unfortunately, I have found so-good reviews on the Canon camcorder. So I am looking for an alterative to time.

The tripod and the bag is a Top Will I get them definitely.

Use the Microphone Recommendation of you I can not do anything. I do not know how to use such a thing and what it should be good! maybe you can enlighten me there. Is this Handy Recorder s.der the person attached to which is recorded?


Antwort von campool:

So camcorder internal mics to use are mostly ignored. Especially when you're in the church / registry office in the (wedding, right?), You can put the recorder in the vicinity of the pair. This is for a subtle, but still synonymous friend, because the sound is so clear then, get the internal mics not go so well. The downside of course is that you have to replace an average of just the audio file to the soundtrack of the video clips. It's totally easy and adds value to extreme, because remember: a bad picture is to get over rather than bad sound that forgiving None ;-). Oh, and is easy to the quite simple: you judge the thing simply press the button and Rec. If you know the level to "Auto" can be, the result for you, as a Fast-Beginners' act very professionally - and it is easy to boot! You can also use the recorder just about everywhere. And in the kit, of which I have given you the link, even a memory card and headphones for listening to the sound will be there!

As for the Cam: Internet divorced (yet) the spirits, but at the price, the unit is really awesome. In the manual part of it has even noticed a few nice features from the "just-HF" series. The best thing for you is: just test somewhere. But if you buy them, are you doing little wrong. However, if you have a powerful Calculator and a little more money, then cross to the Panasonic HDC-SD66, which already makes sauscharfe shots :-)

And otherwise:

Welcome to slashcam!


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