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Camcorder an FireWire-Problem zum 100000000000.en

Camcorders s.FireWire problem for 100000000000.en

Frage von prem:
September 2006

My problem can you ensure you're thinking.

For several years I edit my videos with the program "Pinnacle Studio 8".

My camcorder is a "Panasonic NV-GS 5".

A few weeks ago, my PC of adopted me.

Last week, I will get one fitted Medion PC with 3 FireWire ports increased. Was already contain old Windows XP SP2 incl. I played all of my Programs on the PC and ended happily on my camcorder.
The camcorder has neither of Pinnacle, Windows Movie Maker, in the device manager, recognized in My Computer or anywhere else.

Here I would like to have time to say that I have it "properly connected" with the PC. The camcorder was synonymous in VCR mode and in operation via FireWire cable s.FireWire input of the PC connected. I have it with the front FireWire input and tries synonymous with the rear inputs. Got the camcorder before booting the PC's connected and s.war synonymous while the PC. Did it synonymous with a new FireWire cable attempt.
There is simply nothing happens.

Then I surfed the internet and came across 1000000e opinions of what may lie the problem.
Then I thought, until better times to call the hotline of Medion. Before you experiment. I phoned 3 x quite a long time and spoke with 3 different employees.

For Medion staff the problem "new" seems to be.
I should, that, and so do that. Norton down, and the change that in Device Manager, firewall. No help.
Then I had to restore the system back to its origin, which I then made synonymous.
Medion will announce allegedly with me again.

Earlier, I was back on the Internet. Now something to experiment. I Have several of Microsoft patches for the SP-FireWall Problem downloaded and installed it. - No solution to the problem.

Then I thought to myself, look, how can I uninstall SP2. The various solutions on the internet have not helped me. The pathways described have not led to solve my problem.

I looked at the supplied recovery CD-ROM, so I thought maybe I can reinstall XP without SP2. The CD is m. E. all together.

I went to the Microsoft Web page. Since, does it mean when you "XP and SP2 together" with the PC purchased, please contact s.den PC Manufacturer or so.

The Pinnacle-Page synonymous is not much here, and the Panasonic-Page is that one needs no drivers for the camcorder.

Now I do not know what to do !!!!!!!!!!!!

Following the PC:

Among software, there is the heading "Windows XP software updates." Since about 25 hotfix and security updates are listed.

In Device Manager, nothing is more yellow background.
The IEEE 1394 Bus host controller is operational and the synonymous VIA OHCI-compliant IEEE 1394 host controller. The same applies to the 1394 network adapter.
An "Other devices" or something I read somewhere that there is not.

Your opinions and tips about the problem is already partly up to 4 years of age or older. Reference is made in part on other pages, and there again next made or the problem is dismissed with the words "with me but the connection funkioniert despite SP2.

It would be quite doll, if people would help me with current knowledge in solving my problem.

I thank you for your answers before.


Antwort von randoni:

little tip: I would either

- My other camcorders s.einen pc
- Connect to another camcorder s.meinen pc

and see if and when device is detected. thus the error you get closer than if you install sp2/o2/linux/basic:)

. r

Antwort von Markus:

"Dine" wrote:
Your opinions and tips about the problem is already partly up to 4 years of age or older.

Oh dear, what search terms you have entered it? ;-)

Look, if you post something in the following weiterhilft (I'm waiting for confirmation ... that'll understand, if you have read the relevant section):

Antwort von Voltz:


The proposal of Randoni you should necessarily pursue in order to exclude the following:

You may have your firewire output s.Camcorders killed.
It's easy for some models when the FW-modem is turned on your camcorder.

I hope for you that this is not so.
A repair is in fact quite expensive.

Antwort von Dine61:

Hello Mark, Volz and Randoni!

Mark, I entered my search terms on Google and I 'met so' constantly on the side of "slashcam. If you call the pages on Google, which is mostly 'no', 'when' the contribution was written.
Now I'm smarter! (grin)

Mark, the Page I have read yesterday from the Google search engine was out, but before I stride into action and possibly the new PC just yet follow verrödele Voltz Council. Get me the pages, however, lead immediately to mind again.

Voltz, now picturesque views of the devil does not s.The wall. Only the PC killed (allegedly overvoltage damage) and is now synonymous possibly the camcorder! I still have no Dukatenka it ..! (grin)

Voltz and Randoni, had just called my colleagues. Me tomorrow brings his camcorder (successor to any of my camcorder) with. Then erstmal tested whether the camcorder is recognized on my new PC running XP with SP2.

Tomorrow evening I will report briefly report.

In the meantime, I am about "what if" would ponder .... (grin)


Antwort von Dine61:


Here I am again. My steps (no progress) s.heutigen afternoon:

1. Experiment: Well, the camcorder is not recognized by my colleague synonymous.

2. Experiment: installation of KB885222 and KB904412 afterwards.
Synonymous camcorder not recognized

3. Expt Infache.1 deleted. So 'nen folder in the Monitor
Drivers I have not found - not synonymous Camcorders
recognized (standing on tip irgendeinner Page)

4. Step off the 1394 network adapter - Camcorders synonymous
not detected (Hint stood somewhere)

Do not know next .............

Gucke just my old Windows XP CD to which I had previously installed on my old PC (as in addition only with the SP1).
It says: Setup can not continue because the version of Windows on your computer is newer than the version on the CD. Warning: If you choose not to, which is currently installed on your computer to delete more recent version of Windows, can not restore the files and settings.

Think that means that Windows Home SP2 incl then completely down - is not it?

The camcorder with my old Windows times it still does not seem m. E. was not with the PC to be in order.

I Pull then again the original CD on it, is surely the PC back in his state, as I bought it - right?
What do I do then, you probably can imagine.

Will I be before I next precedence est mal support via the PC CD put into the original state.

I hope that I receive in the meantime, some answers / opinions.

Thank God, I lie down with a notebook PC, with which I am currently on the Internet.


Antwort von Markus:

"Dine61" wrote:
I Pull then again the original CD on it, is surely the PC back in his state, as I bought it - right?

The following topic will interest you in this regard, because then you'll need you to worry about that a may-day orgy of installation for you to play and afterwards nothing works just like right now this minute.

-> Info and links relating to Image

Antwort von Voltz:

In another forum there was recently a similar problem.
There, the problem lay in a previously installed mobile phone software!

The thing and uninstalled everything again funtzte as it should.

Antwort von Dine61:

Puhh, you speak with a computer technology which is seen quite fair, so in riddles ........... Image? The thing uninstalled and everything funtzte?? System ???..................... I had previously never needed.

After I bought the PC, I played my whole of my beloved or software needed. After that I tried on printers, scanners, and photo input via USB input from, and finally closed on my camcorder, which was not detected. Then I called the hotline of the sales company s.and asked for help. And I should do this or change. Everything was unsuccessful. Then they told me to put the Support CD. That's what I did then synonymous. On the screen were then all my Programs not to be seen.
That I should uninstall first my own Programs, I was not told.

Do you think with your insinuations that although the optical window viewing everything is gone, but traces on the PC, despite the re-uploading the support CD? That after an override of the original Windows program, which was on the PC that can still exist as remnants of this XP2 and that the camcorder is then evt still not recognized, everything is always verrödelt next?

Sorry, but I miss too many times computer technology and basic knowledge on the pages to which you refer me to be but provided much basic knowledge. For me is like a great deal from Chinese into German by computer program instructions translated.

Please let me in "simple" sentences with what you would do your body s.meiner.


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Schlotter, that sounds so desolate to have been here sooner ... sometimes such problems quite succinctly with the "purchase you` nen Mac answered. As daft as this saying may be synonymous, and so little to you now, he helps at the moment, but it is inside a small spark of truth.

To help now, but something constructive ...

I am very impatient with such things (because s.Mac everything goes so fast and you do not like Windows at some point long after a mouse ask ... "Did not I just pressed the button once, or I think that? What rattled the hard drive like that? It's only the START menu ..."), torch not long and flat making the whole box. Then comes the editing program on the calculator and I try, all synonymous with this SP2 get in gear.

Once it all works, I'm beginning to think very carefully about what I really need. Piece by piece will be installed and tested each time, whether the camcorder is not recognized.

Antwort von Voltz:

That's how I would proceed synonymous.
And then you make yourself again on the theme "Securing a system partition) smart (= Create image.
Then you are well prepared for future cases, and have this procedure with this calculator time of his life to make only once. :-)

Antwort von Markus:

Okay, here is a brief explanation of what an image:

You can you with an image software s.PC the ultimate undoing create function, and indeed for any kind of operating system, software or driver changes.

Once you have reinstalled the calculator, you save by using a special software program (see links in the link above), an image and have thus created the possibility of returning any time working on this basis.

If later work after installing a software or an automatic Windows update, some no longer something just put the saved image and restore your calculator is as virginal as s.dem day when you have the image saved.

Of course, synonymous can store multiple images, do so as every time you install a new software or a new driver (I always). Thus the calculator is always up to date and you can always go back to the latter functioning base, should something not work anymore.

Antwort von Dj Dino:

Still there a 3rd-FireWire KB893008 patch which you could try:
Quote: "This problem can lead to damaged video out" Oh - how Userfreundlich? Ist ja ne impertinence beyond compare.
Installation notes see green text: http://forum.slashcam.de/viewtopic.php?p=165104 # 165,104

Since you have a Medion PC have:


"If you have a PC of Medion, then there is another problem for the non-recognition of the camcorder responsible. WindowsINF The directory contains a file with the name INFCACHE.1. These must be deleted or renamed. The next time you should reboot the machine, the camcorder will then be recognized. "
Forcing all Windows files synonymous (see all INFs): http://members.chello.at/djdino/temp/alle_datein_sichtbar_machen.png
Source: http://digitalvideoschnitt.de/forum/pc-hardware/44085-tutorial-wie-behebt-man-firewire-probleme.html

There, standing übrg. synonymous nor par tips.

Antwort von blueplanet01@gmx.de:

Hi Dine,

I have read your "grief" .-)) and can only agree with the opinion also: ALL Platt, then install one by one, and synonymous only the most important thing for video `s life! My first step out of the box, .-) of computers or laptop `s is anyway: Boot from WIN XP CD! Since so much unnecessary stuff of Medion is so packed on the Calculator ... this can only lead to such problems!
So ... if you had nothing "important" have on your calculator: WIN XP CD, what version synonymous forever, into the drive (the boot order should still factory on CD) are available to let runterfahren Calculator restart or lead through the menu , the old Windows partition (C: format, delete) /, a new C partition (about 15GByt) big to create and install fresh windows of the CD. Then install the ServicePack2 (must be !!!),
schaun then the Device Manager `, where even a yellow exclamation point lurking .-), then insert the original CD of Medion Driver and install each missing drivers on this CD. After uploading your editing program, connect And. Cam ... thanks s.mich and everyone else here in the forum, let hinterherschleichen a lifetime! .-))

So - I now sit, ONCE! another on it: if you do not "own" Dare .-)??!... write s.meine EMIL with your phone number, I'll call you back, got `s) free of charge .-) and we` s together make .-))! Please, no "stupid comments" in the forum .-))


Antwort von Dine:

Yes, yes, you will say: "Women and Technology"

Today I again tried a few things:

I of the "XP Home Edition SP times today launched the PC, c: formatted in the form of quick and" XP Home Edition SP "replayed.

From the "My Computer" from then I formartierte d: and e: to a virgin state.

PC back up and went down again and then put the support CD into the drive, as Jens said.

Then went to device manager and tried "everywhere" update where possible, a driver across the different parts of the support CD.
In any case, was provided after the completion of this work is no longer with a yellow question mark.

PC went down and up again, shut your camcorder back here and there and with the and the other cable to ... no recognition.

Then I put Infache.1 ,..... even from the recycle bin ...... no recognition.

PC went down and back up here. Played 885,222 KB and 904,412 to ...... no recognition ...........................

Stopped the Windows firewall as inactive as when one looks to expand, this probably a 1394 network connection blocks, whatever that is synonymous. Synonymous Did not succeed.

(I Gucke in the device manager under IEEE 1394 Bus host controller, there is a VIA OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 host controller.
I click on network adapter is including this 1394 network adapter, and as a place of VIA OHCI-compliant IEEE 1394 host controller.)

Many, many tips in the forum, I am passed. There are things to be deleted or modified to be found not at my PC.

So, now I just need time " 'ne cap sleeping "................

One thing I know: Next time, I would rather buy a PC in a small corner shop s.der ...........

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

"Surreptitious Michel" wrote:
Purchase "you` nen Mac

Antwort von Dine:

Schleich Michel, ha, ha ,........ You do not think that I get back my money if I brought back to this PC Medion .....

It amazes me now not that the PC that was at Aldi Nord last week in the offer, more garnicht is equipped with FireWire.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Dine" wrote:
It surprises me anymore (...) that (...) read not at the PC is equipped with FireWire.

The more likely linked with the avarice of customers and Manufacturer: Firewire cost license fee, not USB. For me, a PC without a firewire port would be completely beyond the pale.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Mimi:

... so - after booth of this situation, I now type with very very high probability of a hardware failure on your motherboard!
Almost the same / same) mistakes I had recently in an on-board audio bug! In this case, however, I had the opportunity to Billigsound with a PCI card that rumdümpelte in my case) to handle the scandal. Since I had bought the PC via the internet, I have bound the 15 ¬ for this card to the leg and do not squabble with the Manufacturer / supplier. This option you'd still synonymous: Cheap FireWire PCI schaun pure again and then `... and then so you had a good argument the PC back to exchange, at least at Medion.
Otherwise, there really is no valid reason why your or any other camera is not recognized!


Antwort von Dj Dino:

As with the all the things you've already tried out now report the real after a hardware failure. SP1, another cable, all kinds of patches that contain old and new OS does not help ...
Either it has the DV-shot output electronics (this is more of Canon and Panasonic s.and not too notorious), but yes you can once the camcorder when trying to identify a buddy to go there safely.
Or the Firewire controller chip s.Motherboard is defective.
(This defect in the device manager should then normally an exclamation point lead, some defects are very still and quiet ...)
Then you bersorg an OHCI-compliant FireWire du card.Kriegst Ebay s.lächerliche ~ 2 EuroNik

Antwort von Dine:

Hello Jens (synonymous and the other people)!

After a few hours of sleep at night I once set up like the new PC so the old PC, with whom I could work a few years and wonderfully full of joy with the Pinnacle Studio 8.

Contain old have my old Windows XP CD herausgekramt, started with this PC, C: re-format, (d: and e: = currently no data), PC down and then up, my old SP1 contain old, PC down and then up brought the new support CD that went into the Device Manager and Drivers of this CD if possible updated.

Camcorder is still not recognized.

Around noon a Medion staff pulled me out of my PC problem-exhaustion-headache-deep sleep. As far as I understand it, is of the opinion that if the PC is back in the delivery state, auto, both SP1 and SP2 are installed as synonymous "" SP1 "" "must be down".
Get the PC afterwards revert to its factory defaults and try tomorrow, connect with the Medion employees in connection with, as this would go through with me by phone the various steps.
The fact that the camcorder is "recognized afterwards," I do not think so!

Jens, in my old PC puts the original Pinnacle Firewire card. Studio 8 and then I bought the card on the advice of a colleague in one package. I will have time to develop after careful ..............

When I saw the new PC, open the certainly only something like that out of the inside like my old PC. In the new PC is inside so much more. I just got busy, although not in detail, but I mean, it's not been done when I put the card on an empty seat (?). As far as I can remember, I have to make it somewhere and somehow settings. When the time comes, I would like to send you 'ne e-mail, since you told me yes, would you help me, where then call at all possible.

Greeting Dine

Antwort von Dj Dino:

"Dine" wrote:
As far as I understand it, is of the opinion that if the PC is back in the delivery state, auto, both SP1 and SP2 are installed as synonymous "" SP1 "" "must be down".

As a longtime computer guru, I must say this is probably the biggest nonsense ever since I've heard since the SP2 beeinhaltet all the updates of SP1 and SP2 is above last updated this synonymous.Sobald läst therefore not remove the SP1 because there's too many dependencies . file versions, etc. did not gibt.Wenn first down would have the SP2 and then only the SP1 and that is only possible if both synonymous with SP2 have been installed as synonymous SP1 as an update (ie, via Windows Update or downloaded setup routine) - otherwise there is no uninstall option in more Control Panel-> Software.
Without SP2 without SP1 and above all are missing tons of security updates and the PC is like an open barn door for cyber attacks of any kind because it helps a firewall is not really much synonymous, which is XP's own firewall then synonymous gone without SP2 also.
Moreover, I do not understand what remove one is to bring the SP1 for the use of FireWire, there's not that I know the problems associated with SP1.

So what the Medion staff advises that is dangerous, senseless and useless.
I would be the same in the ton tilt () probably only a trainee with no real training.

Interestingly, the Pinnacle FireWire card of which you speak.
Look whether the FireWire controller access Windows Drivers (= high compatibility by then certainly Astreines OHCI) or pinnacleeigene Drivers (= more likely and more possible problems)

Device manager> IEEE 1394 ..-> Entry including dial-> double-click it-> Drivers> What is there to "driver provider"?
Pinnacle then it may be worth a driver update:
Microsoft stands there then I can hardly believe that it is s.der Show, Microsoft's FireWire drivers are extremely reliable and compatible.

One possibility would be synonymous with an IRQ problem, the problematic card by IRQ sharing, so once they can put in another slot that will change the IRQ used (so you do that normally but not to the quick test for whether there is enough out there) .

If nothing is synonymous then I say just one thing: camcorder DV port across.

Antwort von Anton:

... Good morning dear care community .-))!
I agree with my prescribing only ... what nonsense that Servicpacks want to remove from the system. In my opinion brings out especially the SP2 security patches ussynonymous including bug fixes for USB with. So - should, or rather the system must work with the SP2! You've been a Pinnaclekarte with FireWire, is me in the heat of the moment completely unaware .-)! So much the better! Now some will say, perhaps again ... `Go away from me with Pinnacle ... but that's another subject and the FireWire output should First of work in all cases.
The "start" does represent something "more difficult" for the card so you have to install correctly with the appropriate drivers, a "simple" FireWire card would have been so recognized by the Windows SP2 .-) easily plug and play ... But it was synonymous not constitute a hurdle. It would be important only before you download the latest driver version for it. Otherwise - Calculator on (important: not only convince the Netztstecker, but are synonymous s.Netzteil the power switch to "0" residual tension!), Insert card into any free PCIslot, s.Gehäuse with a screw lock, Calculator again, Start Windows and uploading after the hardware detection in readiness Drivers. Then go into the Device Manager and disable necessarily OnbordFireWireController. It should then only the "Pinnacle # 2 IEEE" to be active! That's it already! :-)
In the meantime, seemed so `ne idea that there could possibly synonymous an IEEE standard-conflict (?!), it be available by now have 3 (IEEE 1394, IEEE 1394a and IEEE 1394b) and of course the entsprenchenden cables that Of course not synonymous with each other and who knows what has been installed in such a Medion ... .-)... but let's leave the issue dear to the outside! With the Pinnacle in the PCI slot in any case you'd be on the safe / correct .-))! Page


Antwort von Dj Dino:

"Jens" wrote:
Then go into the Device Manager and disable necessarily OnbordFireWireController. It should then only the "Pinnacle # 2 IEEE" to be active! That's it already! :-)
In the meantime, seemed so `ne idea that there could possibly synonymous an IEEE standard-conflict (?!), it be available by now have 3 (IEEE 1394, IEEE 1394a and IEEE 1394b) and of course the entsprenchenden cables that Of course not synonymous with each other and who knows what has been installed in such a Medion ... .-)... but let's leave the issue dear to the outside! With the Pinnacle in the PCI slot in any case you'd be on the safe / correct .-))! Page


Several FireWire controller should normally not a problem to disable unötige (disused) to be sure but still ok, hurt less, "Ballast" nie.Ein conflict with the IEEE standards, well, the forefather of IEEE 1394 is already saualt, since 2000 there It IEEE1394a (FireWire400), which in any PC s.diesem date should already be available or even IEEE 1394b (FireWire 800) with a slightly higher speed.
1394b signal transmission with a newer new permits cable with 9-pin connectors, as older versions of cable but can not do anything wrong because they reinpassen () mechanical lock.
Otherwise there are no other Probleme.Alle FireWire cable can be compatible with IEEE 1394 and IEEE 1394a to use here because nothing was changed s.PInanzahl, pin assignment, etc.
In most cases, is run on PC-board controllers, but anyway only with IEEE 1394 or IEEE 1394a support the controller only to this standard. IEEE 1394b appears here only in more recent times, eg some Socket 775 systems.

IEEE 1394b can indeed sometimes make problems with camcorders, but not because of the cables but:

"You can connect your IEEE 1394b / a devices to the IEEE 1394b ports after installing the IEEE 1394b/RJ-45 ports module and the TI IEEE 1394b driver. The IEEE 1394b ports fully support IEEE 1394b / a consumer electronic (CE) devices, except the IEEE-1394 digital video (DV) camcorders.

If you wish to connect s.DV camcorder to the IEEE 1394b ports, use the Microsoft 1394 stack driver "

If there is no IEEE standard but a driver problem because they are not yet mature so often.
IEEE 1394b otherwise comes as easily cope with camcorders.

Its Pinnacle card is not the concern anyway, as they (because Studio8 version) so old is not the IEEE 1394b is used and furthermore it was even a video software should work and therefore resolved that with the cable is then synonymous wieschongesagt fit.

He makes use of the on-board Firewire, it may be that an IEEE 1394b driver problem exists (if IEEE 1394b onboard but this is rare and I am in so nem Medion PC really hard to accept). Then use just the obligatory Pinnaclekarte.

Antwort von Anton:

accepted ..., Medion is a pioneer .-)) in multimedia and has had on its board had actually obstruct an IEEE 1394b controller?!
And one would the included FireWire cable, which is with the 3rd Standard is now even more confusing connector combinations / variations are, to use synonymous ...(?!)... assumed it would then follow - an IEEE 1934/a-Camera s.diesen port ... would this really compatible? Or is there really no plug combination between IEEEa and IEEEb to the confused customers think mr .-)) "" could?
FireWire: 4-pin / 4 pin
4-pin / 6 pin
4-pin to 9-pin (???)
6-pin / 6-pin
6-pin to 9-pin
9-pin to 9-pin


Antwort von Dj Dino:


Antwort von Dj Dino:

What is fundamentally important: The FireWire OHCI controller should be capable of (special drivers for the device discovery, then redundant)
but nowadays almost anyone.
"Anonymous / Dine" wrote:

The IEEE 1394 Bus host controller is operational and the synonymous VIA OHCI-compliant IEEE 1394 host controller

Oh, I glat skipped.

Is connected to the camcorder before s.OHCI of VIA-compliant? (if not try another port connection times)

Antwort von Dine:

Hello experts!

Meanwhile, I'm ready with the nerve done, that I'm calm again.

This PC has a 4-pin and one 6-pin FireWire input front and another 6-pin FireWire input back.
And just because this PC these practical 6-pin FireWire input, "" front "has, I bought the general.

The description is 1394 and not only IEEE 1394a or 1394b.

As I said, is in the device manager:

The IEEE 1394 Bus host controller is operational and the synonymous VIA OHCI-compliant IEEE 1394 host controller .......

And that is only 1 x.

How do I know what I have attached what if the unit is not recognized and the PC is so equipped?

Went through almost the entire device manager.
Other people find their camcorder as per forum or forums s.Orten who do not even know it in my Device Manager.

Tomorrow I will at first take to work with my camcorder. Hope I find someone who has been dubbed his camcorder movies on PC times. If I find someone, I'll ask him if he is testing my camcorder s.seinem PC.

Funny, I would find that my camcorder synonymous s.deren PC is not detected because of the 2nd Camcorder, the Panasonic NV GS 17, which I've tested, nor with regard to DV output by then, "" virgin "was" because I, the so-recorded video cassettes always with "my" camcorder to "my" old PC and transferred with "my "I edited the old PC, as the holder of the camcorder still does not have a PC.

Antwort von blueplanet01@gmx.de:

Hello specialist .-))!

This situation, where what could I have not yet exchanged synonymous fully understood. With "front" or "back" but would have nothing to do. Maybe so that the internal (ie in the calculator) and the External Connections (Front and Rear intended)? Nothing precise what one (s) ... but it would be you, `I do not think, really forward! Have `s time with the Pinnacle PCI card tried? If this works, you are indeed still a "rear" .-) problem and the purchase was in fact "useless" (as are the women `s halt ... but then you can .-)), Medion and Aldi from all over otherwise occur.
I think that your Board has `ne Macke, and if you do not back up soon" something you can .... it will probably not last long ... then you can `ye together .-))! Experiment, the card ... you'll see `that works and then s.in` s business with the Calculator!

VG, and even a quiet evening

Antwort von Dj Dino:

"This PC has a 4-pin and one 6-pin FireWire input front and another 6-pin FireWire input back."

The easiest way to do it once the box and look at where the lead wires of the Ford FireWire ports, they lead directly to the motherboard it is an onboard controller or lead in addition to a Firewire card which may well be (because hardly a whole motherboard 3 FireWire ports makes available an additional card is needed) I suspect you of the times called the VIA controller (which is synonymous OHCI able) there is OnBoard VIA ussynonymous OnBoard macht.Dann firewire chip you ever try on diesen.Wenn then connect it with the klapt not you just have to procure a 4pin to 4pin cable.

Slowly, I'm just here lies the problem:

The camcorder was connected s.einer junk FireWire OHCI-compliant card which is not, and to the additional FireWire ports (presumably leads to required), reposition the VIA controller on the motherboard (probably the rear connector)

May be synonymous the Medion has solved the whole by sowas here:
So http://img.shopping.com/cctool/PrdImg/images/pr/177X150/00/01/d6/7e/2c/30834220.JPG a FireWire / USB Combihub, a cheap solution, and therefore, apparently even worked fine.

Antwort von Dj Dino:

"Dj Dino" wrote:
May be synonymous the Medion has solved the whole by sowas here:
So http://img.shopping.com/cctool/PrdImg/images/pr/177X150/00/01/d6/7e/2c/30834220.JPG a FireWire / USB Combihub, a cheap solution, and therefore, apparently without even worked fine.

Would not the first time the Billighersteller save s.falschen Eck, s.der in this case compatibility.

Try the rear port!

Antwort von Dine:

Yes ...., did you ever in the innards of the PC's look, but do not get the cover on. I solved the rear two screws and then tried to slide the cover without serious violence across the front - without success. Find no other, possibly hidden screw. Has anyone a hint?

At meinenn old PC's that were very simple. Screws, push the corresponding side panel to the rear and it felt like the Abecker Gerhäuser was intertwined with the rest and how you had to proceed next emotion.

And by the way: From the outside it looks back s.PC actually not the same as s.meinem old PC, where a separate FireWire card, the whole PC-Width engaging plug-occupied space, and not synonymous forward.

On the new PC back:
Among many other connections to "seize" in a series to be about 1 / 3 the width of the PC and that is: Upright 2 USB Connections and then right, along the same distance, the FireWire port.

Front: Beautiful Among the DVD Burners to one another and arranged in a unit of optical, at least outside the memory card reader, including speakers, microphone, audio, and 2 video inputs, etc., or or so and then follow 3 USB inputs again quite closely with each other and quite near the USB inputs, then perpendicular to the front FireWire input in a row.

Scotty "beam" my 7 days back and I would not let me assemble a PC in a small shop just for my needs .....

Antwort von Dj Dino:

"Dine" wrote:
On the new PC back:
Among many other connections to "seize" in a series to be about 1 / 3 the width of the PC and that is: Upright 2 USB Connections and then right, along the same distance, the FireWire port.
Have you tried it with this before? Expected of the onboard VIA (with OHCI be).
When all the screws are s.Seitendeckel resolved and it is not absorbed nor a Velcro seal could be somewhere and / or Wegschiebrichtung of the cover is different, some synonymous pushes you off the top.

Antwort von Dj Dino:

"Anonymous" wrote:
I have it with the front FireWire input and tries synonymous with the rear inputs.

Aso, already tried ... does not look good in anything, really ...

Test the camcorder time s.einem other PC when it relates to what is broken, we can ever else the error on / in the PC looking ;-)

Antwort von Dine:


The State of Things:

Enroll only now, as a colleague who has worked often synonymous s.Computer his videos, taken my camera along with 2 FireWire cables over the holiday with home.

Today, he came with the sorrowful message to the office, that his Sonysynonymous with my cable is detected in his PC program "Windows Movie Maker.
My Panasonic NV-GS-5 he was testing with my two FireWire cables, and its cable synonymous s.seinem PC. My camcorder recognizes the Windows Movie Maker on his no.

Earlier, I had worried me, the Panasonic NV GS 27, as indeed are all the people of the opinion that the output is broken s.der NV GS-5 ............

Also recognize that my camcorder (I speak it a try:) not "shit" PC.

Neither with the Windows XP Home with SP2, still under my old Windows XP with SP1. I deleted infcache.1, this s.KB and that `s draufgezogen. 'm Back with all the variants.

For Xten times, I just reformat the hard disks to restore the box somewhat to the delivery state.

It says on the Kartion "" Multimedia, "" personal computer. Comes from a "" "Multimedia" "" computers, which with 3 FireWire ports and all sorts of other multimedia vegetables, I really expected that my media device: Panasonic camcorder or at least one of the 3 Panasonic camcorder I've been tested s.PC is detected.

Open the PC to check whether my old Pinnacle works FireWire card - ne !!!!. First time I just do not get the cover off and then I have this "" "Multimedia" "" Yes computers purchased just because of this with what is actually a practical front FireWire input is safe.

Tomorrow I'll return the PC nicely with all the accessories in the box and plug the day after tomorrow I will go to the company Medion!! 2 of the 3 I tested the camcorders along with 2 FireWire cable would take me. The company Medion is indeed in Essen and I live in a neighboring town, so not too far away !!!!! Of Medion

About the Medion Hotline ausschweigen me first time I will ..........

Have the PC purchased before 12 days and these could not use 1 x for the purpose for which I actually bought it!

So now I have only once ausgeheult enough.

Oh, something else funny: 2 days, I lay down before the fix and ready television, was rather sleepy, and because of the PC problem totally beside the track. I touched the remote control and pressed the "off" button. From one second to the next second I jumped. Oh, shit, no "sound" when you shut more! (I missed the typical Windows sounds when the PC goes up or down). But then I realized that I was only the Fersehen and had not turned off the PC ........

Antwort von Maik:

I now have this Beitragswust not completely worked through,

- You have disabled the 1394 network adapter?
(Right-click My Network Places, click right mouse button to 1394 network adapter, disable)

The disturbing fact.

But after this installation and uninstallation orgy ... no guarantee.

Many greetings,


Antwort von AndyZZ:

Maybe I have to go somewhere skipped: does your camcorder s.anderen PC `?
Time a different Firewire cable tested, of a colleague?

Antwort von Dine:

it did with 3 different Panasonic camcorder (NV-GS5, NV-GS-17 and NV-GS-27) and with 3 different FireWire cables trying !!!!!

Antwort von Dj Dino:

If I have the verstanben So will your camcorder in the other PC does not recognize synonymous although others are identified in this and other camcorders b) but not to your well. This suggests that your PC in general, a detection problem with all camcorders and is on top of your camcorder is probably also broken (otherwise he would have to work in other PC).
So even if your PC again Medion grade (turns which I doubt) would likely not recognize your camcorder and you are again depressed.
I would therefore not only the PC Medion synonymous but the camcorder to be inspected (via nen Dealers) s.Panasonic send-> If you can then make Faulty repair-cost estimate to be good so ne repair will cost as much as a new equivalent camcorder. Have you actually still under warranty?

When I look at what you are going through, etc. s.rumprobieren because that is really extreme, so I will have your heart slowly to the intricate story.

That is probably the most extreme problem ever Fire Fire ...

Antwort von Dj Dino:

"Dine" wrote:
My camcorder recognizes the Windows Movie Maker on his PC does not ...

Do me korrieigieren, the heist is not necessarily that he is not recognized, see:
"Probiers times with deinstallierren of Movie Maker. Possibly the prog purely fumbles. Can remind me faintly of similar problems"

> In Device Manager it should show up, he did so on his PC?

"Moreover, the camera must be switched to Playback"
(after the join)

'Well, I hope not, it was usually banal s.sowas you give you> probably the bullet now ;-)

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Maybe even the Medion has to connect the camcorder, which was not detected during your colleagues laid upon synonymous. That can give.

In this case, I would refrain from further testing immediately, others are still functioning camcorder or other peripheral connected with this port of the computer.

If it turns out with a report that the connection of external computer equipment destroyed, one can even assert claims for compensation if the fault lies with provable Manufacturer.

And again (Win-Freaks. .. please do not cut): It sounds as if you're not willing to confront you with an operating system "(keyword ServicePack2) Delete files ... cryptic, so that connections are to run .. . You want to just unpack, install and get started?

So if you really Scotty's up and running across the road, let yourself s.besten beam from an Apple dealer and once you let such a calculator, if synonymous show a small, simple times. The Word on OS X drivers, I have not heard, years (certainly not in conjunction with FireWire). I greased the crate is synonymous since 2.5 years anymore.

At least look at you.

Antwort von blueplanet01@gmx.de:

Hello and good day together,

I now would like to certainly not holding up the flag for Microsoft or Medion, but basically push it to the operating system or the sole Manufacturer to ... is, I think, is not the right way.
Dine has now decided to time for a Windows PC, not least for a synonymous of Medion, because it was there for a relatively "low" Money gets more than s.anderer place. Surely it is more fitting to have the latest, after "Sex s.the city", a MAC, but ... .. I have not the precise Prices in your head, for a truly Videoschnitttauglichen MAC PC (HD ready is likely .-)) we shell out a lot more than comparably for WIN PC!? When we discussed it, we can all synonymous to extend to all operating systems ... then why not WIN XP & WIN 2000, there was everything anyway "better" and WIN 98 has pretty much all the "slimmest" operating system ... and then there are LINUX anyway ... is the greatest thing, because anyone can do there. ... what he wants ... ..!
I think this discussion leads to real None error detection. The area is simply too large to care about the functioning s.sich things even further thoughts. "The closed window" .-))'s just the s.häufigsten ver-purchased and / or operating system used, reflecting more or less voluntarily synonymous, most software vendors. As I said, I am here not undergo an evaluation, but had to start incorporating only raw numbers ...! Debate about the why and why, would more likely lead to a political rather than a technical discussion? .-))
That the Medion is certainly double-edged sword, says yes, common sense. No one has a gift in today's time and certainly one as s.der synonymous s.der elsewhere, of course, is saved. That the Main board (still my suspicions but may actually .-)), "is broken" is, again, certainly not a reason to say in general: "... I know ... it` s Medion!. Something like that can happen synonymous with "major manufacturers" as the ASUS (... in the recent past for me to pass) and finally deliver the Manufacturer, not least, synonymous companies such as Medion!
So - we wait ... what's starting times Dine now writes for the actual cause of the error, what does this Medion? Actually, all the important and very good references are included here, all the rest are and remain speculation and new, "other" devices have new, different quirks! That `s life!


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

"blueplanet01@gmx.de" wrote:
Surely it is more fitting to have the latest, after "Sex s.the city", a MAC, but ...

Those who opt for such reasons for a system that is pitiful. Just as the choice for MP3 player often only because of the fashion on the iPod is, where the distance with the greatest insolence part of Apple's (and always) was. There is however a better player.

As I said, they could simply check the times. Maybe she thinks: "YES! Just as I have presented my computer forever!"

The purchase of a camera with me, for example, depends very considerably on the handling of ... all the features that I find really great about it without thinking or looking IMMEDIATELY before it's too late. It just fits me.

Antwort von blueplanet01@gmx.de:

... you're right, who would buy a PC, according to this criterion, of which company synonymous always ..... .... I'm thinking there are serious in this forum probably anyone? .-)) It was synonymous only a figurative Comparison and not for nothing is preferably of the graphic arts community, Appel forever. But who Medion takes into consideration (which is not at all critical !!!), which is not meant for a MAC all in one, 2.16 GHz, 20 "for 1500 ¬, a MAC notbook, 15.4", 2.16 GHz for 2400 ¬ or even a Mac Pro (without LCD) hold at 2450 ¬ ausschau? The MAC Miniseries times out before I leave here ... but since one would get even, such as Norma, a WIN-multimedia PC for 199 ¬ ... (which I did not want to have! .-)) So - not take it personally, it's usually just a question of price performance ratio and a question of whether we s.ein new operating system, a very different kind of calculator can be used / will! I am not a sworn Windowsfan,'m just in it "grew" .-) and not synonymous, I believe, in the present state of the art that GBT at this point, the egg Wollmilchsau ... which has an infinite, symptom-free life! .-))


Antwort von Dine:


Was at 12.00 clock in the Medion Shop in Essen. Page was on one PC and on the other Page, the Panasonic camcorder NV-GS 5 NV-GS and 27 and 3 FireWire cables under the arm, and described my problem.
Yes, I was told that the money can only be under an exchanging returned within 3 days.
As I said, currently have - put me one days after purchase with the service center in conjunction and of the local staff, I was told: We will contact you within 2 days with you, what did not ...
Before return of money even before I was to take home with another PC and test if this will then recognize the camcorder.

I chose a different model, rushed home, made experiments with two FireWire PC inputs, two camcorders and all three cables.
The Panasonic camcorder has not been sighted synonymous s.diesem device.

An hour ago I stood now with the PC, I've only traded this afternoon at Medion on the "mat".

They gave me my money back !!!!! Puhh, relief !!!!!

Again briefly summarized:

A colleague has a PC of Medion, which recognizes his Sony camcorder, but not my Panasonic NV-GS 5th

The first PC I had at home, knew neither the Panasonic NV-GS 5, nor the NV GS 17, GS NV nor the 27th

On the second PC, which I had for lunch at home, I could only test the GS 5 NV and the NV GS 27 - no recognition.

A Medion PC / Panasonic Prolbem?

So, through you and your advice was pretty much to learn. Thank you very much.
Now Could s.einer PC service hotline to give information (grin).

Get me afterward times over so 'nen' MAC information. I myself do not know anyone who possesses such a PC ...... # Let's see what we can do so with a MAC for me and what a cost model coming into question.

Otherwise I will have been in a smaller company like an Internet-enabled PC with the bare necessities to put together for me = some USB Connections, DVD Recorder, Player, which I most want a 2 separate hard disks to use as it used only for video editing and of course a FireWire input on the basis of a separate card.
As far as I can remember, who built this company in my old PC is not even bought there my original Pinnacle Firewire card and I've still lying here.

Oh, DJ Dino
FireWire, the most extreme problem ever seems likely to remain unsolved!!

If no preference is now synonymous to me ......

Antwort von Dj Dino:

"Dine" wrote:
Oh, DJ Dino
FireWire, the most extreme problem ever seems likely to remain unsolved!!

Too bad :-) Would love to know where the dog was buried, probably an incompatibility to incompatibilities due to incompatible incompatibilities. Or so ... Long live the bug. Amen ...

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