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Frage von Gardinero:


here I hope someone can help me.

I am looking for a training room a camcorder that should only asked for recording of customer calls are used.

The space is divided, as is often synonymous looks like a classroom, so that the student is seated in a U-shape and sit previously mentioned end of the seminar is /.

Directly in front of the table of the seminar discussions will be recorded using the camcorder on a tripod standing.

In the anterior third of the space (; actually directly above the camcorder) is a video projector, which projected onto a screen behind the speakers.

Since the talks are to be considered immediately after the recording of the projector, it is important that this is no hanging of cables to your camcorder.

The projector can be accessed via W-Lan.

Who can propose to me, then a good camcorder that has the following characteristics:

- Good picture indoors at normal room lighting

- Possibility of Picture to wireless transmission to the camcorder or docking station, which is s.Rand connected by cable with the projector.

- Record not on tape (; ideally SD memory card)

- Good sound quality with built-in Microphone

- Possibly function to only sound aufzuzeichen (; like Dictaphone)

- The recordings are made after an intranet, available for download, or if burned to DVD

- Maximum Price Max. 700 euro

I would be very happy about your suggestions or alternative ideas synonymous.




Antwort von Gardinero:


So, since my question was either too specific or too vague, I would like to take up the topic again.

Is there a recommended in that price range Camera with docking station to prevent the main cable problem?

Is there really camcorder directly in the store flv or wmv format on the storage media?

Thank you.



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