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I know that the recent contributions to Grabster 200 in 2003 were written, but maybe someone can still remember and help me. I have the program for a prize won.
I have the Grabster s.meinen analog VCR via scart connector and s.den PC (Windows XP) via USB.
Everything could work, the gap is synonymous, but I have no sound. In the description is something of LineIn into the sound card. My sound card is on the motherboard (Avance AC 97 audio), the system LineIn One inflation (Sounds and Audio Devices) is autonomous since, I could not exceed the sound off. The Technical Support of Ulead is unreachable, either by phone or via e-mail, this product is also outdated. Maybe yes, but I've now times and try with all means it is going to get. In a review of I read "The Toneingang you have in" Movie Factory configured so that "Video Studio" despite their own controls on the sound recording. Since you have the time but it come. TerraTec All information about this: Insert Tonstecker of the VCR IN LINE with the sound card. Thank you, great information, as everyone knows, "What is meant by?
Maybe you can think of someone to help - many thanks in advance!


Antwort von StefanS:

Please check the times on Windows set parameters for recording, ie tick s.Line-in or Microphone-in or or



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