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Frage von addictionFX:

hope I'm right here. In a small self-appointed task, I came across a problem.
I have a camera and some other levels to be low disarming.
The whole is rotated. synonymous a font, but the font is not of the uncertainty can be affected.
In principle, it is the same as in Videocopilot Tutorial No. 54
I have synonymous pressed the small button "3D design". The result: In the preview everything is right, rendering the writing but totally blurred, more so than if I leave out the switch in the composition (in which case they're only outside areas affected).
There seems to be a problem when rendering? Have CS5.
Does anyone have any idea? Would be grateful.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Let the script but get away from render and then put the writing first about it.

Eighth synonymous fact that you have displayed in the render settings, the quality of the output to high.

B. DeKid


Antwort von addictionFX:

Jo, the idea I had been synonymous. The problem is that it is actually very much like Tut 54 and the font of this pan into the picture and with the elements is common.

But okay I'll try it this way. Although I am already a mystery why the font looks like "Gaussian Blur" to excess.
Yes, settings are set to "Full".

Do I have to fumble well, thank you.


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