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Frage von cmartis:


As is known, there is import companies (offering, for example, China), professional cameras and electronics for very low Prices.

As you knows you feel unsure about this Onlingeschäften.
Specifically, I have the Page are analyzed where many companies registered. Some are marked with 'Verified Supplier "should therefore be authentic.

Has any good experience with such arrangements?
Do you know other sites Serious?

Thank you


Antwort von maniero:

Technology imports from non-EU countries pay for most individuals because of the high customs duties, taxes and other disadvantages hardly. Relating more to keep the forum search ready ...
Known, serious candidates for import from overseas include B & H Photo in New York, Globalmediapro in Oceania or Expandore in Asia, to name a few. Of platforms such as Alibaba, I personally let the fingers, but my personal preference.


PS: Most of you come to addition of import tax (or VAT), import, shipping fees, handling fees and other little better off than if you had bought in Europe, but possible problems with compatibility, accessories, service and support. ... What do not want to pay the import never ...


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