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Frage von Prinz-Kili:

As the topic suggests doubt, I search for camera shots during a ride.

Unfortunately I could not find anything good in the www / appealing, which is probably synonymous because I am not particularly well versed in this field.

The camera should be small and ne battery life of 3-6 hours have have std. They should be firm and can attach to very stable, so no Ruckelbilder.
Furthermore, I imagine, as a layman, the question of which are recommended FPS numbers, or on what should I look yet.

The Camera should reflect speeds above 200 km / h (liquid highway shots, race)

Finaziell is the limit at about 400 ¬ per Camera. Overall, I'll probably need 3rd One is to be directed forwards s.besten behind the rearview mirror. The second camera is likely to point directly to the back, between Rücksit Zund disc. The Third I will attach links next to the headrests on the driver's side so that a glance at the speedometer and the part the driver sees.

I hope I can help here and give me a recommendation for ne ne good Cam.


Antwort von Pianist:

You probably are looking for something like a GoPro . In itself, was developed for surfers who want to be filmed in the surf, but increasingly synonymous professionals use this little camera, dazwischenzuschneiden around for a few seconds every now and great prospects. Whether alone, however, should make more of these cameras with a whole movie, I doubt it.



Antwort von Prinz-Kili:

Also of the camera position and Picture her there should be something like in this video.


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