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Frage von Deguman:


As can be seen already from the title is, I want a video camera for indoor recordings, mostly in my own apartment. The lighting is moderate. I google and see now been over a week ago. Since I'm always impatient, however, and boasts each test a different camera, I thought I try it this way.

I want to spend around 300Euro (+ / - 50 ¬)

Through my own research I am now if I have roughly 3 to Choice (seen other proposals like)

Sanyo Xacti VPC-FH1EX
JVC GZ-HM200 beu
Panasonic HDC-SD10 EC-S

The one has been alleged bad low light, the other in turn for bad sound, etc. I already synonymous X Youtube Video recordings regarded the cameras, but as far there, then the real light conditions and was reworked by how much, etc. can hardly comprehend.

Can you tell me what is best for my purposes, the Camera?

I appreciate any help thank you and apologize in advance


Antwort von actaion:

of which the s.ehesten HM200.
The SD10 is pretty weak in lowlight.

Better would be the new Panasonic SD66 (but without filter thread) or the SonyCX115.


Antwort von Deguman:

The Panasonic you mentioned to me, unfortunately, too expensive

but thank you for answering Schonmal, there vlt. other opinions?
Intressant would be for me still, why did my JVC emfiehlst


Antwort von actaion:

because the image quality is slightly better than the SD10 dei, see here under camcorder-comparison test pictures.
In the Pana though, is the more stable the better.
I was with Sanyo genrell careful, to no one because the Pal, but only american. Fluent in NTSC format, and secondly, because in matters stabilize, Color performanceuvm rather move to the level of the Vidoefunktionen of photo snapping (for it but they can make better photos than the brand-name camcorder).


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