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Frage von holbi:

Hello, I am looking for a camera for live broadcasts
of a stage on video screens.
The picture must not be recorded
will. It is only the sharpness and
a good lens. A true television camera
comes naturally because of the price is not in question.
Which cameras under 600 euros would be appropriate
(3 pieces because we need is not more of it)?

Is there a 3-chip Camera under 600 euro?
Or should that with the 3 chips are no longer so important?!
I would be very helpful if you give me concrete
Manufacturers would suggest.

Thank you and many greetings, Holger Birkenwerder


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Holbi" wrote: ... Camera for live broadcasts ... ... decisive sharpness and a good lens. A true television camera comes naturally because of the price is not in question ...
A new television camera is not sure, but why not earlier? They are occasionally quite pricey to get stuck and what picture quality is concerned, loosely synonymous new cameras in the bag, which go far beyond your budget. It is of course a matter of luck, because what can be found (and then three of them), but yes you can look at brands such as Sony, Ampex (renamed Sony), or LDK Ikegami look.

Gruß Bernd E.


Antwort von megalutzi:


well, but even second-hand television cameras for 600 ¬?

At your place I would be after all the Panasonic 3CCD cameras scout, are small and are of course not necessarily professionally, but the image quality is fine.

So the models NV-GS120, 250, 300 500, or what else there yet.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"megalutzi" wrote: ... television cameras used for 600 ¬ ...
I say yes, it is a matter of luck, but perfectly possible - see, for example, we searched the ebay Item 180,250,841,624th

Gruß Bernd E.


Antwort von Markus:

"Holbi" wrote: ... I am looking for a camera for live broadcasts of a stage on video screens.
There are three pieces required, so an appropriate synonymous Video Mixer? Is it a unique event, and then lend you the necessary equipment (costing less than 3x 600 ¬). If the frequently used stuff, you worthwhile synonymous own purchases. Thinking synonymous s.gute video cable (if possible, Y / C) and so what else is needed (eg, video tripods).

Should cameras be additional and needs to Directing with the camera people are related? Then you need a so-called synonymous intercom and maybe a few other parts.

Related topic:


Antwort von cyraxx:

We use it for something more SonyFX-1. The disadvantage is that the picture of what it outputs its video output (CVBS, both as synonymous components) is considerably worse than what they record on tape.

When it comes to quality, it is worthwhile, then, true to the studio cameras, which are something like thought, and no camcorder in which the quasi-video is just a gimmick.

The best is of course the fully digital SDI luxury variant, but since the image matching mixer then synonymous not quite cheap:)

And as the previous speaker said, to live meaningful cut intercom is required.


Antwort von holbi:

Thank you for your answers.

We do this for 10 years. We have a
Video Mixer with S-Video outputs, and A and of course
synonymous wireless connection between the mixer and cameramen.

The use camcorder (all 3-4 year old models)
but have a very blurred picture. Since our time a
Professional camera connected to the console, we know what
yet it is. Since we are particularly dissatisfied.

When I test the impressive pictures of Canon HF/HG/HV-10, 20,30
in slahcam have seen, I will try this. Gibts yes now s.610, - Euro new (HV10).

HL 55A in ebay for about 600 euro is not sold
been, I do not know if something would have been whether the SVHS has?



Antwort von tv-man_sh:

"Holbi" wrote: HL 55A ... whether the SVHS has?
No, the Ikegami has obviously no Y / C interface. One should also synonymous about how useful it is, a Y / C signal over a longer distance to build. Only because it is in certain cable lengths, there, says it is not auto, which makes it synonymous sense.
At the age of the head, one can almost assume that the CCD pixels have errors. Ungebingt or ask the seller before look. Whether your purpose for an initial focal length of 8mm is reasonable, you must decide. Likewise, you must decide how far you with a brightness of Aperture 8 at 2000 lux kommst.


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