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Frage von Andy33615:


I would with a video-camera live gigs I tape record.
At the moment I do with a Panasonic SDR-H250. However, I am with the picture quality is not quite satisfied. The Picture is noisy and heavily blurred. Usually the lighting conditions at such gigs so far from perfect - I think it is a known problem.
Now I am looking for an alternative to the SDR-H250

The sound recording is not as important as the sound is recorded separately.
Any high definition is synonymous unimportant nonsense - Pal-Qalität sufficient.
What counts are colors and image sharpness.
Another interesting possibility would be more than the record in 16:9.

The recording medium of the camera synonymous plays no role.

Meanwhile, I have an S-Video to Firewire interface (Cannopus ADCV-55) concerned, so I applied directly to the hard drive of my Mac-Books in DV format can record. If something in a mini-DV Camera synonymous directly on the DV-out of the camera?
If so, that would be really the direct way, right? (because otherwise the image signal is converted several times)

What is there used for a maximum of 1000 euros?

Effects of the Panasonic NV DX1 heard (was always as "Queen of the Night" proposition). Has anyone experience with this collected?

How do SonyVX-700/1000 in low Lichverhältnissen?

For suggestions and tips, I would be very grateful.

Gruß, Andreas


Antwort von Dr. Walter Gesierich:

Hello, I have very good experiences with tape-recordings with a Sony TVR 900 (for approx 700 - 800 euros in eBay) and some of the better light with the SONY PD 150 (which is the sister of the pro-VX-2000 ). The VX-2000 but is still a little over 1,000 euros. Both are 3-chip camera, the VX2000 and the VX 2100 is still the luminous Prosumerkameras on the market, 1-chip platform for recordings has no value.
In addition, I have consistently good experiences with Ebay purchases made. I knew even before the cameras and was therefore immediately after unpacking precise comparison shots, with the same video cameras of club colleagues. So I was sure they funzen.
Another tip: If you have something drauflegts money, then get the Sony PD150 with professional XLR audio inputs, as you can the finished mix directly from the console into the (main-)-Camera fetch, then after less haste in the work Synchronize.
Enjoy success and good wishes Walter


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