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Frage von kim:


I have a small problem with the video editing and the search function here in the forum I was not really brought next. One advance: I'm an absolute layman and zero technical knowledge of the matter.

I would like a holiday video with Nero Vision Express 3 to create. Video clips I have of my SonyHC47 MiniDV camcorder and digital camera of my Canon Powershot A540. With the Canon, I have short underwater video clips which I rotated with the clips of a film processing Sonyin wants. So, I created the video, with background music and burn to disk. Until here no problem.

Unfortunately I get the video to DVD. Nero will always point to the "Writing Lead-in" and then make my burner only loud, wave-like noises and the whole calculator is paralyzed. The same procedure, I have synonymous with Unlead film distiller 5 tries. Again, it goes only until the lead-in writing and then nothing more.

Where's is my fault / problem?

The DVD Burners works (at least you can burn data DVDs). The DVD-Disks (branded products) are brand new, not scratched, etc. Is it perhaps s.den mp3 music files of various formats s.den Clips (4:30, 16:9-material, the digicam clips with 640x480 and 30Bilder / s)?

I could and would despair of any tip really very grateful.


Antwort von Quadruplex:

Remote diagnosis is always difficult - but I do believe that not only the Nero Burning gemeckert would if it video or music files do not like. What if you have a burner Nero image recorder choose? Can it then? If so, let your DVD as an image on disk write and then burn it with Nero Burning ROM.


Antwort von kim:

Hi Quadruplex,

thank you for your answer. So I did the movie as a file already on the Calculator (Nero has it as a video TS saved) I can see the video synonymous in a modest quality of the media player - I get it but not burned. Habs already tried at least 30 times. For this reason I have it with the 7.0 Video Edit Of Unlead tried. Since I have an AVI file and created this film in Unlead distiller 5. Since the same problem. At the end of the process gets synonymous Unlead the DVD is not burned.

Could this perhaps be s.Hardwareproblem or should I maybe buy new DVD Media and try it with whom?


Antwort von Quadruplex:

"kim" wrote: So I did the movie as a file already on the Calculator (Nero has it saved as a video TS)
You understand me not - choose in Nero Vision Express as DVD Burners called image recorder. Nero will then present a single file in which all the folders and videos are included. You then trying with Nero Burning ROM to burn.
"kim" wrote: Could this perhaps be s.Hardwareproblem or should I maybe buy new DVD Media and try it with whom?
As I said: From a distance one can only guess. Give times the exact model number of your burner, together with the error to Google. Nero is a little program called synonymous Drive info is - that shows you the firmware version of your burner. Maybe it helps the manufacturer and obtain newer Firmewareversionen to seek and to install them. As you already suspect, but it may be synonymous s.den are blanks.

Though it would be unusual, but because it is sometimes the trivial things: Can your burner might only burn + R and-R You've caught - or vice versa?


Antwort von Kim:


you were right. Have you misunderstood and did everything again with the image recorder and then burned with the burning program to burn DVD. Did funtioniert flawlessly.

The video runs in a super quality - many thanks for the tip :-)


Antwort von Quadruplex:

"Kim" wrote: Did funtioniert flawlessly.
Beautiful that it does. Makes me wonder, nevertheless, that this route must go. However, I had with Nero Vision Express synonymous sometimes inexplicable crashes and not reproducible. Look at


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