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Frage von PeterShaw:


I would like to give me for Christmas a camera, with which I want to produce films. During my research, I am an amateur photographer, of course, synonymous Canon encountered the 5D Mark II. The picture quality is actually very good and I like the use of different lenses synonymous with low depth of field would be very convenient.

Now I have heard of several pages, that the 5D for fast action-packed scenes will not be particularly suitable. Now I wonder how can I use them anyway for action, or whether on motion sharpness produced a total disaster.

Alternatively, would of course cameras like the Panasonic HVX200, stupid I find there but the fact that we have yet to buy an expensive 35mm adapter needs, which would be within my price ausreizen but a bit too strong.

In summary: Good for the 5D + optics + Redrock rig for various action scenes and the use in fast scenes?

Thanks & Regards


Antwort von B.DeKid:


So I do not understand it.
You think s.eine "video camera" because you, the problem of "BewegtenAufnahmen" have recognized - but you would like these properties with no means to make nem 35 mm adapter again?

Mal ne counter - times have you thought of it with the normal ner nem good Camera and 35 mm adapters prepared for any situation really is?

If you want, of course, always have the film look - and the Meihnung these are the only characterized by DOF-oh well then I can not help you there.


You want to film - buy yourself a good ne VIDEO CAMERA

You want to photograph and incidentally could make good use of the video function - buy VDSLR ne

You are nen indie filmmakers - have no money - but a good story you're telling - most with private Equitment rotated
- Buy you 2 x VDSLR and 3 x HF100
- And cheap nen crane, ne small Steadycam & DIY Dolly
- 4 to 6 mics for all situations and nen TonRecorder
... And everything you s.Licht and use tripods can.

B. DeKid


Antwort von Mink:

Well what do you mean it with action?

So you'll get s cockfight scenically fine with one to two DSLR's out ... condition: well-trained and disciplined cocks! Keep communication with the taps and the focus range, were my tip!

Crank 4.3 you turn more with a few übereingestellten video cameras!

What do you want?? Like your action look like?

Have casual action films rotated when I was eleven undzwar with na S-VHS-C Camera .... how about that .... 've heard that are favorable to have?

IF you good action shots with a 5D/II've seen .... because someone had the right idea about the subject and that you can not even get you in this fantastic forum!


Antwort von PeterShaw:


First of thanks for the clear words. :)

@ DeKid: No, I do not believe that the look is characterized only by DOF, but if the picture has too much depth, it will look after my opinion not good.

What would be a good 35mm adapter? Images of the HF100 and the Jag35 as I now was not as sparkling as strong vignetting and grainy picture. I would imagine that it looks very inhomogeneous when I make an image change of 35mm had on non-35mm.

@ Mink: With my action scenes with lots of movement. A basketball game is not (would) be incorporated in the stadium as it possibly be correct, but the game would have to be pretty slow, huh?

Thanks for the tip with the S-VHS-C camera, but I totally equipped and has been synonymous with action and horror movies eleven o'clock already rotated. Ketchup and the pistols of Carnival always got on well ...


I think I now understand that the 5D is for flowers, nature or architecture quite nice, not suitable for interaction in various fields to a depth of field and the same scene, however.

DeKid of the proposal that I should prepare for both situations with camera + 35mm adapter, I like that. However, I would still rather save that money to buy me a slightly higher quality camera + a good adapter. Does that make sense?


Antwort von Mink:

Even if the ne cliché, yes, the camera determines not now really but you pictures.

Obviously 35mm adapter ne new story for you before you and plunges you into buying expenses dir nen great little Canon camcorder as HF HV Series .... nen small adapter .... (perhaps sowas: Letus Mini or nen) and a couple of cheap used lenses and then practicing and building your ne thoughts ....

With such a setup you can make great pictures!


Antwort von alibaba:


Antwort von PeterShaw:

@ alibaba: Haha, cool that you chose a video of you have dug up a basketball game. The skaters really look synonymous not bad, you stop sees very clearly the limited focus range, but I do not now find quite appalling.

@ Mink: The HV20 Letus Mini, together with the already looks pretty good. With Adapters and old 50mm lenses would cost the whole, however, been synonymous ~ 1500 ¬. In addition, I will certainly be needed but still rails to stabilize the lens adapter + + Cam, right?

Hmmm ... For me, the 5D is just very attractive, because here I also still my L-lenses of 24-could use 300mm. I think I will borrow a copy and time to test how the 5D would fulfill my expectations.


Antwort von Chezus:

For action shots as you understand, the 5D is only conditionally suitable, not necessarily because of sharpness but synonymous because of the rolling shutters. In fast movements, the picture wobbles already very strong.

The problem in terms lowlight is quite simple: you need to Powerful Lenses synonymous. A Lens for Aperture 1.4 is incredibly Lichtstark only (you and I see it as synonymous) disadvantage of a very shallow depth.

Everyone always wants very much depth of field, but None can handle it.
Give it time you made that someone who just poses bit of a focus ALWAYS have in Aperture 1.4
As soon as one is aware of 30cm moved forward or backward the subject again blurred and here we are again at the point of action shots.

From the hand, it saw very very hard
With Aperture 3.5, the schärftentiefe is indeed greater, only the intensity again decreases dramatically, unless you pumpst the ISO value to 3200 or even 6400, making the picture very hisses.

So do not recommend to be synonymous.

Yesterday I did a live concert as one of 4 cameramen filmed. With the 5D and 50mm 1.2 nem because I had never filmed there probably only 20% of the settings would have been clean in focus. The singer moves nunmal

My tip: if you want to be sufficient to cover all areas you still need more cameras. Purchase the 7D or 5D if you like synonymous and often want to shoot photos, but as a main camera for every job she is not suitable.

Was made up yesterday in London and got the go with the 5D and some lenses filmed and photos. For such purposes, there is currently no better.

Backpack with little equipment, is hardly noticeable, Battery holds an eternity, 32GB card does not cost the earth and must be made erstmal full of fun and makes it synonymous;)


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