Infoseite // Canon 5d? Canon d7? Alternatives? SonyNEX VG10?

Frage von legria:

Hi, I would like to set myself a new camera. What is the Canon 5d out conjure up the most impressive. The d7 I have no experience. The SLR cameras are really great and the feature with the attachable lenses really great. However, I find it very awkward to film with an SLR as synonymous and no auto-focus is available you have to be practiced even real.

In the field of video cameras is so recently come out to screw the SonyNEX VG10 synonymous to a full frame sensor and the possibility has Lenses. However, I have read in spite of negative reports autofocus, the move not as synonymous to Purchase.

What do you think now is the right thing? The 5d moment makes my opinion the best images. The d7 makes more pictures what a great thing synonymous, but only for an APS-C sensor ...

Does the video camera, alternatives? I have a feeling that the ideal device is not yet on the market.

What do you think? Are there alternative instruments?


Antwort von alibaba:

gh13 with kitlinse


Antwort von deti:

What have you actually ever with the "d7". The term is 7D, as well as 5D, 60D, 550D - is so hard to understand?



Antwort von Bruno Peter:

That would be an alternative in my opinion:


Antwort von pilskopf:

"Peter Bruno" wrote: That would be an alternative in my opinion:

But price can not compare that. That's a racer, ne 7D is a pimped golf against. But what price is expressed synonymous.


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