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Frage von H_P:

Problems with Canon 60d
I am happy owner of a Canon EOS 60D.
But IMMOMENT unfortunately not so happy because I have two problems.
The first is that the internal Flash is no longer drops down.
As I was with the 60d was not particularly know much about, I initially thought I had a little to the menu.
So I rummaged through and found the menu item "Flash Control".
Then I clicked on "func. Int. Flash. Then all conditions, the error message" This menu can not be displayed. External flash is connected.
This startled me, because I had never connected an external flash.
How do I get it back now that the flash is working again?
My second problem is s.objektiv (Canon's EF 18-135mm). This seems apparently been delivered damaged.
However, I only became aware when I started filming with the 60d.
During manual focusing, apparently changed the displayed image.
look here at second 2. The Picture "shrugs" zuseite. Bildsabilisator was over. But once I got the tip to unscrew the lens so that's not it einrtastet. When I made that was all good


Antwort von glider_pilot:

In which mode you find yourself? In the full automatic, with the flash that is not your decision ;-)


Antwort von Filmo:

for Flash:
Folded synonymous not high when the vo. button is pressed?
Malfunction of the hot shoe's when, as you say, synonymous flash control menu is not available.
When plugged in Speedlight (synonymous if it is not turned on) works the built-in flash is not high, if the button is pressed synonymous wird.Deshalb I think the fault lies s.Blitzschuh, the action suggests just a speedlight would be fixed.
Habs tried again now: synonymous when a microphone (with plastic foot) is fixed s.Blitzschuh, the flash pops up a button no longer high, thus synonymous to a mechanical problem s.Blitzschuh be .... if any of the inner springs of main flash shoe is depressed (I have a pin made with individual test), the same thing.
So look, if s.dem shoe has captured something.

For Optics:

Image stabilization was really from?
If the optics is not quite appropriate latching, the problem is gone?
So I would say, a case for the guarantee.
You have not touched during the filming when manually focusing the vo.Tubus?


Antwort von H_P:

I've now turned s.den Canon support.
If one has nochwas he can write it, yes.

Thanks anyway s.euch.


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