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Frage von victor:

Hello! I am interested in your valued opinion.
I am constantly tempted to my equipment
. Optimize My current equipment:
Canon 7-D for short takes and scenic work.
Panasonic HDC-SD707 as backup (; always there) and continuous Camera (; eg speech, theater).
Both units I have much fun, but now, a third Camera ago.
Assignments: more video journalism or documentary.
Another scenario: Panasonic 707 and the new in
different angles in automatic or previously
set mode (; Multicam at event, speech, theater)
'm just often lone wolves and the Canon 7 D of hand-held,
beautiful close-ups.
In my short xf Choice are Canon (100; overall consistency,
good codec, first choice for green screen), Panasonic
GH (2; nice picture, longer recording than the Canon 7 D,
but still limited to 29 minutes) if the auto focus is good from what
I do not know AF tracking is not unfortunately ... Panasonic AG HMC 151 like me synonymous, but the two would I prefer the former.
I would appreciate any suggestions. Let's see.


Antwort von victor:

Was the question stupid or unclear or boring and uneventful?
Would have thought that Rumschlag the one or the other synonymous with similar considerations. Perhaps it is still something ;-)


Antwort von rush:


halt are all very different cameras that you have as envisaged ..

If you need AF and long recording times then it should probably be the HMC151 or XF 100 ...

The Gh2 is certainly synonymous interesting - but it is comparable with the workflow and handling of your 7D be ..


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