Infoseite // Canon 7D-Video function: Literature and Tutorials?

Frage von Euphrasia:

Good people,

I could not find anything about the search:
Which Manual or similar you can recommend to exploit the video capabilities of the 7D? Or are there links or tutorials? The manual is really so poor.
I already got this link and found it very helpful:

Am pleased with tips and hints!
Warm regards,


Antwort von Slavko:

Since you're still you wonder what you get here for answers.
It would be better You say that you do not even have the 7D with problems, for there are here-pair types really angry!


Antwort von pilskopf:

The question is not how to film with the 7D but how is filming.


Antwort von Axel:

"Slavko" wrote: Since you're still you wonder what you get here for answers.
It would be better You say that you do not even have the 7D with problems, for there are here-pair types really angry!

He is wondering right now. Perhaps I can explain it briefly: A team of experts (including Slavko) has found that with the video capability of the 7D is not far away. The widely admired for his practical knowledge meawk his 7D-test video links deleted. What a bit of a shame, because this proved to doubt that the 7D is grottenschlecht genuine. Sorry for the disappointment, and one post-Easter: eyes open when buying eggs!

How bad is the camera, shows a video of the synonymous of Bloom linked to you:
Download the full HD Mov right below. Sure, that is the non-native footage. During the editing of the whole "ProRes was" (see note, with the Cinema Tools slowed 720p 50, Cinema Tools accepts no inter-frame material): No wonder, then, that is Resolutiongut ;-))). What however comes directly from the camera, is well known mud.


Antwort von Macaroni:

"Euphrasia" wrote:

Hello Euphrasia,

The DVD of Philip Bloom only I can recommend. You may like the Lord or not, he has made a very good DVD the way to the realization a great film enormously reduced when one einsteigt fresh in the VDSLR filming. The price was reduced so now synonymous. I freely admit that I enjoyed myself and look this Schnellbleiche synonymous still like to clean.




Antwort von r.p.television:

"Axel" wrote: What ..... the other hand, comes directly from the camera, is well known mud.

You must not forget that in the 5D, the "black holes" are strangely disappeared overnight. So the 5D Mark 2 again to get out of the trash and shoot it, our expert recommends .....

In the end it plays a minor role if 5D, 7D, 550D or GH1. Sharpness all beasts are not. I personally was not because they prefer a 5Dmk2 Cropfaktor and generally has a little more sensitive to light.
That everyone should decide for themselves whether it is worth the extra cost to the.
The sharpness difference is in the operational area in question - namely DOF - not anyway For Wear.

If you want to extract the maximum from your 7D, it is not wrong in principle as an inspiration to watch the films of Philip Bloom and understood as a suggestion for "recreating". As you learn better than if you hirnfrei any reverse engineering tutorials.
Provided, of course we understand the relationship of aperture, sensor size and DOF.


Antwort von Zizi:

So if one of these points, the PB here in its demo says / does not show the start of the clarity, I ask myself why the person is then at all At length a film camera?
I think the hats Bloom just checked how to make coal ..
About 1600 and ISO .. I find the ISO 3200 not a bit too much noise!
The XH A1 will be times ne or Sonyansehen ..
When you could be plain jealous, I bet every 2nd here in the forum has something that could just as well or better ahnung!


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Euphrasia @

What do want to know everything or you do not know what for?

Important to know are the possibilities / knowledge

- How does / do I create Presents
- What are the effects of shutter settings
- How to set / optimized to the submenu
- How and which edited the recordings to

Search Google for example times via "Optimize your canon 7d for video"

Also can this product / thread to read times

For starters, the time should represent a few clues for you.

The manual can really after one has managed to lay to attach the strap s.die Camera safely away,-P

B. DeKid


Antwort von koji:

da kid is quite right:
not only the recording is important, but the possible synonymous further processing of the materials. So it certainly can and you need to do the same deal as extensively with the ton wonder: stabilization, presets, shutter and post production.
in particular, the 7D is a great camera can rotate with the many very beautiful images. let them talk to you not bad. easy to read on the net so much ...



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