Infoseite // Canon 7D on 35 mm image has been output - which I still have to observe?

Frage von eLunatic:

Love slashCAM community

s.Dienstag turn an ad for Movies and TV on the 7D and would like to ask what do I need yet safe.

I will turn to FullHD 24fps, cut, offline cc + vfx in after effects and the same as log dpx rausrendern and zack on the ftp of CinePost in hamburg.

I forget where I will make errors? in turn, and in the post?

shutter? anything?

would be grateful for any suggestions.


Antwort von Axel:

A few basics, here . Conclusion: Whatyouseeiswhatyouget, but errors are prominent on the big screen.

Since we now work even with the 7D, a few specific tips:

> Even at Rotate careful not to be seen too many fine details that would betray the poor resolution. No such regular pattern, then the moirieren. Hair or skin, details can be organic, the camera on the other hand seem better than it is.

> Even with a flat picture DSLRs produce this style is not very dynamic tonal spectrum. Therefore it is inappropriate to the reverse, with for example "work standard" or "course". Always a bit troublesome to make the White Balance, and correctly to expose more skin (light meter, gray card, histogram, as always).

> Customers in a commercial movie remove the lean, this almost never because of Picture from errors (as shutternde animations based Motion Blur or not proportional cut logos and fonts based did not comply Title Safe area for a 7: 9 for example), but because the sound seems quieter than in the reference spots of the competition. > In addition to SR (light) - Sound SRD! > Sound compress.

Film laboratories used to say: Video is video blunders, not turn around, give's us the way it is. What is wrong here is that a particularly stark limits in the direction of "film look" video gegradetes usually tones and then it looks worse than the fully automatic video from a DV cam.


Antwort von jwd96:

Just out of interest, what is "log dpx?


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