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Canon DC 40 - Speichermedium DVD

Canon DC 40 - Storage media DVD

Frage von Noreen:
August 2006

Hello, I want to buy myself the first time a camcorder to film because I want our son growing up. We have in the family already have a miniDV camcorder with technology. I'm looking for something newer technology - to save on DVD. But I've read that these camcorders are sensitive to impact, and I do not synonymous know how much recording time since then on an 8 cm DVD-fit. In addition, I vacillate between the Canon DC 20 and DC 40th We already have a digital camera of Canon and a printer, and thus had good experiences. Our computer is still running on Windows 98, but relatively outdated crashproof.
Anyone who has ever had any experience with this storage media and the Canon camcorders?
Thanks for your help!

Antwort von Markus:

"Noreen" wrote:
Anyone who has ever had any experience with this storage media and the Canon camcorders?

Hi Noreen,

Experiences - often less pleasant - have been posted here already numerous. Click once on the search function, type "DVD camcorder" one and you read through some of the found items.

My tip: Take a MiniDV camcorder. This format is not obsolete, but rather technical maturity. ;-)

One of those posts:
Information and links relating to DVD camcorder

Antwort von Noreen:

Hi Markus,

Many thanks for your tip. I have in the papers but unfortunately found nothing relating to sensitive to shocks.

Basically, I decided, despite the various concerns for a DVD camcorder because I do not want to sit for hours s.Computer and rework something. (Since I'm actually in darkrooms feel much more comfortable and subsequent retouching consider fraud.)

Enough for me to completely, if I
- Include and easy dubbing to the DVD recorder and hard disks
- Is there changing the return address (on the hard drive), some sequences and dubbing on a normal DVD.

But I have read in the links that you can only absorb 20 to 30 minute film on an 8-cm DVD. Thus, at least my 2nd Issue resolved. Also take in Purchase, I am ready yet.

I'm totally unsure but still in the Choice DC 20 or DC 40, synonymous to when I have already read some tests. In the forum I could find anything about this.


Antwort von oliver II:

"Noreen" wrote:
... because I do not want to sit for hours s.Computer and rework something. (Since I'm actually in darkrooms feel much more comfortable and subsequent retouching consider fraud.)

That's ok, but when your photography you can certainly synonymous away for a few ugly and blurry images and make sure the order of images in the presentation prior to others. By this time you will regret the purchase of a DVD-Cam.

"Noreen" wrote:
... easily absorb ... can.
Also an argument for DV tapes, which are everywhere get for little money, which are very long shelf life (which one of burned DVDs do not say necessarily) can and can dub the pictures with the camera without a hitch synonymous to a DVD recorder. For example, some DVD recorders have a Firewire input for lossless dubbing.

Antwort von Jan:

DVD Reorder with Firewire input? Then MiniDV is just made for it? If the recorder is good for what you can cut the scenes where synonymous. Panasonic (Ram's) would be made for it in Pana Pana DVD Recorder & DVD Camera (VDR 250 / 300 - rivals of the DC 20 / 40 - which are better anyway, at least if you have a Panagerät at home, even Ram's needs / can not finalize it, which makes it pretty easy.

Yes and did you ever tried in a DVD camera cut scenes?
That did not go so easily, erstmal be formatted in VR mode, the normal video mode, you can not even delete a single scene in a synonymous - RW, synonymous true for Sony & Pana.
And finalizing / Definalisieren a DVD can be synonymous quite annoying .....

DC 20 vs DC 40,

in fact, the DC would have 40 with its large CCD of 1 / 2, 8 vorneliegen ", with less light, she roars owe more than the DC 20, possibly to the many" small "net 2.74 million pixels, DC 20 is yes 1 , 77 with not much smaller CCD of 1 / 3, 9.

Wide Angleist synonymous with 40.6 mm more than 44.5 mm with DC 40 and DC 40 has no backlight compensation, DC 20 already.

If Stillimage's not interesting, I would buy the DC 20 and invest the rest of the money makes sense.

For Panasonic DVD Recorder VDR immediately 3 CCD 250 or 300 with Leica optics / optical stabilizer comes only Primus SonyDVD 405 / 505 with.


Antwort von Noreen:

After a rather annoying delay, the DC was 40 now finally delivered. My view about this:
It takes very long fingers, ran to get s.The button to zoom. Depending on the recording quality to fit 20, 30 or 60 minutes on a mini-DVD. The disc format, which must begin with every new DVD will be carried out, not even take a minute. The finalization of the commencement end (about 25 minutes in my test) lasted just as long. The finalized DVD-R or DVD-RW, I can simply load it into my DVD recorder and hard disks to copy to hard drive - but only in real time. From there on a normal DVD in high-speed can be selected copy mode. I mean, the cost for mini-DVD's with little differentiation of which the mini-DV tapes. DVD-RW, I can always re-initialize and dub it.
Separate scenes reshuffle, or I can already connect with VR mode on the camcorder or later, either on the recorder. The DC 40 has a range of digital effects and faders, at least the mini-DV camera that can not be my father.

For mjich a significant argument against MiniDV and MiniDVD for: coil and low-noise record. If I want to film my son while sleeping just bothers the (one-off switching, and even in pause mode), the DV-tape version.

When I record DVDCamcorder synonymous, without having the risk to record a pre-existing recording, since the device as the computer is always looking for the next available spot. I can control individual scenes watch directly without the hassle of coils and the name and title of award which will be assumed on the hard drive. The recording data is shown in part on the FestplattenDVDRecorder - but I am with this device synonymous not penetrated behind all functions.

Shortcomings are:-light shots, shots in the dark and the photo quality. Our Ixus with 3.2 megap. clearly provides better digital pictures (of) not to mention my analogue Nikon.

I test a little more, but probably will keep the device. The processing s.Computer I have not tried this yet - to sign up again. If someone has a tip or wish, what should I try yet - ...

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