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Frage von CTP:


Currently, I occasionally movies with the SonyHDR-SR10. The camera is so old to two years. Especially when it weakens extremely lowlight shots.
One reads so much of the SLR cameras with video function. I have looked at some test videos of the EOS 500 and found the quality very good. Also shots at night with no problems seem to be feasible. The question s.die experts: the difference with the HDR-SR10 is very big? What would you say that?

Secondly, I have a little anxiety on the workflow. Generally only shooting I do with Tripod, so yes, images should be feasible without any lag. What about other terms of workflow and handling? Is there was to be observed?

Thank you very much


Antwort von schibbe:

so I do not know the sony, but I would recommend you the 550D.
it is not viiel more expensive, but in the video functionality is much better than the 500d. because you would have to be able to find some googel



Antwort von B.DeKid:

What software are you working on now?

No really, the workflow is quite simple: Record - cut - Convert - done

Handling focussing Well - before or manual focussing

Extra Sound Micro is good.

B. DeKid


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