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Canon EOS 550D in der Praxis

Canon EOS 550D in practice

Frage von MarcTGFG:
Februar 2011

For about a year now I have the 550D and use it for about a month for video shoot. I would like to help describe my experiences and views so that one or the other in his / her decision regarding purchase of a camcorder or a VDSLR.

First, the pros-and short Cons:

+ Very good low light capability
+ Light and portable

- Regular and unpredictable interruptions in video recording
- No continuous autofocus
- Blurred Picture
- Strong moire
- No manual level control during recording
- Noisy mirror mechanism
- Voluminous file format
- No XLR input for external mics

Now again in detail about the negative points. The plus points were already many of praise.

1. had "The video recording was stopped car," I do not know how often I now this message now, but in almost every spin. This is explained in forums with overheating of the camera / processor. I just know that this is synonymous happening out there at -5 degrees. And it's totally unpredictable, sometimes not, then again after a few seconds. But this shortcoming makes the 550D for serious shooting out of the question! I can ask anyone on a press conference to say the sentence again or have an actor play the scene again. This is an embarrassment and the frequency with which this problem is beyond the tolerance limit.

2. If you have no team has, are in for the Focus Puller, NEN Tonmenschen etc., then the handling of the 550D in practice simply ne overload. People remain very still nunmal rarely face the camera and move many objects of natural halt. As ever the focus is set while A. someone questions or changed as the picture of Pan / Zoom / C provides for a decent sound for a single person is totally overwhelming.

3. The picture just looks not as 1080p. It lacks the sharpness, a bit like 0.5 pixel Gaussian blur in Photoshop.

4. Forget about plaid shirts, forget, clinkers and walls of houses, forget all the other small-scale structures. The result is totally unsatisfactory. This has been so synonymous Slashcam the test chart shown. In practice, confirmed that!

5. No manual level control and because of poor internal mics one is almost forced to take the sound external. This means you must start with two parallel devices, the recording. And nobody is perfect. Sometimes you forget to press one of the triggers and the recording is for the birds. In addition, you must synchronize with difficulty after the tracks. Good for Eyes plural as there are tools, but these are then a few hundred extra Euronen and more time is it anyway.

6. Today on a PC with hazardous nation Alto Wart Toni Schuhmacher next RTL and WDR been focussed and with half-shutter button is pressed. Clack clack clack. If looks could kill ... Ok, I could use the contrast AF that lasts forever and but is less reliable.

7. Even with a 32 GB SD Card to get quickly to the limit, as the 550D has a damn high data rate. That is, one must constantly offloader files, which in turn takes longer than in a more efficient AVCHD format, a la GH2. In addition, almost twice as much disk space needed for archiving. Also, it costs money!

8. The 3.5 mm jack is Friemel and little to inspire confidence. But that's the least of all problems.

My result is that the originally purchased for party photography 550D is good for our purpose in the video AT ALL.

Even if the continuous recording and stopping did not exist, it is at best suited for the stage work. And here it is only recommended if you either synonymous with much depth of play and extreme low light situations must be photographed.

In the field of photojournalism would be needed for useful work (which as I said because of the crashes is not reliably possible) at least makes even an experienced cameraman / Fokuspuller and an extra sound man, who with Lavalier Micro or boom for a decent sound, this aussteuert correctly and

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Sorry but you have zero MarcTGFG Plan -!)

First, as a VJ ne 550D is the first time ever to use such a point that shows that you really have no idea as simple.

But since you can directly times 2 - say 3 points

- Aperture on 8 - 11 Focus on almost infinitely
- Sound level up via Magic Lantern
- Use in no case to push the focus during the recording


Recording stops s.Thema synonymous here, unfortunately you have no idea

- Class 10 card use up to 16GB of Lexar, SanDisk Transcend, Panasonic

So you can shoot even using Magic Lantern to an even higher data throughput rates.

- For large files problem - unfortunately, synonymous here null plan, go out and film first time with Cam Ner good and delivers the note that are still greet files!


Sharpness, Color Resolutionund

Yes you have here is einwenig idea for how you've found to locate the 1080p material is not really good with 1080p Materail on the same level.
Otherwise you have to consider synonymous here of course, the post and etc.

Moire and Alias | Wavefront Mayaing and RS are all very strongly pronounced VDSLR cams where you can at work here, however, synonymous with tricks.

Hmm as I said completely denied the use and handling of the action - this text unfortunately your disqualiviziert total.

I've been using the 550D there is diee Cam film (s) only for.
And can understand most of your points is limited.

I recommend you that you you are buying a real video camera for Deien VJ work, because with a 550D to emerge so nervous PK Amacher you up yes to Depp - was it you would be aware, however, directly when you really could have exchanged with colleagues.

For as a VJ will be happy with VDSLR None ** Essei you wanted to do it here as some of them for some additional use Sittuationen **

So all in all, take me not angry but you've backed the wrong horse and can not ride this synonymous!

Do not out but it accounted for under the hard way.
And do not be pissed now that I had to tell you that so hard but the only way you can now go to the search for something better

I recommend once spoken a flat rate SonyZ Cam series - but this can not be synonymous with magic man!

Good luck and thank you for your practical test.

B: DeKid

Antwort von le.sas:

So I do not want to destroy your world view, but your negative points to make on just about any Vdslr.
No Auto Focus? Hello, you film with a camera.
This is where I'll agree with the demolition of the video recordings, this is really annoying. However, that is with me so far occurred only in the desert.

Oh damn now I wanted something funny to write the PK's, but since someone has already replied.
Well forget my lines simple.

Antwort von Corpse:

weaken amazing that despite the many people who produce but very good material!

Not always is the problem s.der technology.

Antwort von rush:

Moin MarcTGFG,

I can understand your negative mood - so you say certainly many amateurs from the soul ...

.... But .... it's just synonymous nothing new;)

Anyone seriously interested in the filming, you know the advantages and disadvantages of Worklfows with a (V) DSLR.

So, I can not understand your excitement really.

Working with a V (DSLR), in principle, almost like working on film - because, as you yourself stated you quickly without Fokuspuller and soundman into rowing.

I have it but synonymous mentioned in other threads ... I see the DSLR's more synonymous in the scenic area and for Image and Trailer stories ... The day's business I would want to accomplish so reluctantly - because the traditional camcorder Hänkelmänner and shoulder cameras offer much more simply in terms of usability:)

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