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Frage von lepremier:


I bought me on Ebay a Canon FD 50mm 1:1.4 Lens. I have noticed that the aperture only opens up to a value of about 10 or 11th When I turn the aperture ring of 10 or 11 below, nothing will happen more visible in the lens. Is this an indication that the lens is broken or is this normal?

I have to say that I was able to test the lens has yet to None Camera.



Antwort von cliffomalley:

Hi, I have hair exactly the Same problem.
At the time I was just in a shop by me has been said that it is defective. What came out s.end with you?
I want to test the lens views one of a camera.
But for this I must first make a shop of sowas makes.


Antwort von toxitobi:

I have experimented with last weekend nem Canon fd 1.8 rum. In the following thread I've written about this quite a lot:


Antwort von strike300xxx:

Your Lenses are not defective.

And even if the Aperture goes to 11 and not give up!

With the Canon FD series that was so that the aperture only really closes when it is connected s.einer perfect camera.


Antwort von rush:

That certainly makes sense that the aperture remains open - otherwise we would have you look through the viewfinder as with closed Aperture can not see.

Only in the moment of initiating the freezing process or by using the depth-is such a close, the lens aperture according to the preselected Kameraelekronik opening.


Antwort von toxitobi:

How can I outwit the Lens is now fully used and the Aperture manual? Gibts da nen some detailed instructions how to ne or how it works ... then you can tinker vllt what.

gruß Toxitobi


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