Infoseite // Canon FS100 + 8gb memory any good to what? Price?

Frage von pylo:

Hello dear community,

I am currently looking for a digicam and a friend wants to sell me his happy.
His camera is the model "Canon FS100" with 8 gb memory.

I really want to make with this camera only photographs of my sport and they stopped using freizeitmaäßig with friends.

Provides me with the camera still good shots, or what I can expect of this Cam?

Regular zwichen the camera costs 300 - 350. There she is needed, I would vll to spend more than 250 with memory card. What do you think?

Or you have other good low-priced cameras ready?

Hope you can help me

mfg Pylo


Antwort von actaion:

whether that is good depends off of your claims. if it is your friend, you can indeed received aicher times, he made it look, and determine if the quality is ok for you.
presibereich where you will find nothing but synonymous, which is now an awful lot better.
Thus, in the range 400-500 ¬ gibts then what, what is of picture quality + Equipment ne step higher.


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