Infoseite // Canon FS200 LEGRIA - What is to think of it?

Frage von Loox:


I currently have a Panasonic GS300 and thinking to switch to a Canon FS200 LEGRIA.

Reason: I use a camcorder, just on a journey and this he should be small. The Pana still uses mini DV tapes.

My question: Is the Canon FS200 LEGRIA the quality of the GS300 equal or even better?
What is to be generally from the Canon FS200 at LEGRIA?
If yes multiple test winner.

Thanks for hints.


Antwort von Gerd-R:


Early July 2009 I bought the Canon FS Legria 200th I've taken some pictures outside and am quite happy with the picture quality. Sharpness and the colors are oK
As the images are in low light situations, I have not been able to try out.

Try again see through the customer reviews at Amazon.



Antwort von maxi62:

Here, the FS200 has been tested in comparison with a Panasonic:


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