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Frage von legria:

I'm sorry if I come here, With so a large text, but I'm really desperate and urgent need of competent help someone:

I have a Japanese RF S 10 (; NTSC) and would be happy with making these videos online in best possible quality. For the cut, I use Final Cut Pro 3

I needed help to the basic settings of the camera with those of Final Cut match. I've tried different settings, unfortunately, the result is not satisfactory.

I often had the problem that can be tightened for fast movements stripes. In the camera screen, the picture still looks very good. Later in Final Cut is bad. Especially with speed reduction move to strip it and resulting focus. I think the problem lies with the attitude adjustment and Final Cut between my camera.

What settings would you recommend me for the creation of online videos?

When the camera I have the following options:
Under Frame Rate: 60i (; standard), PF30, PF24.

For the image quality I have 24Mbps (; MXP), 17Mbps (; FXP), XP + 12Mbps, 7Mbps (; SP), 5Mbps (; LP)

In Final Cut you can adjust everything so pretty. I'd be very grateful for a tip setting.


Antwort von highdefinition79:

So can a good editing program stuffed everything you give him, if you are able to project your data in the final cut on your fed-aligned. Japanese cameras work like German, you'll probably somewhere can set the video system and and the fps, but that is ultimately no final cut preference.


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