Infoseite // Canon HF 10 with optics

Frage von Quentin:

I used to have ne question whether anyone has tried Schonmal the relatively poorly resolved manual focus of the action with the help of Optics to screw or to improve stick before?
Respectively. is that possible?
S.sich am satisfied with the action, but just the Manual Focus could be better.

Thank you apologize in advance for the help.



Antwort von Quentin:

To explain the whole again what I mean.

There are so synonymous with digital SLR cameras or lenses Lenses by which you can adjust the focus s.Fokusring.
Now, I wanted to know if anyone has attempted such a Schonmal Optics to screw on it since.
Then the camera switches to manual focus and focused on the focus ring.

Has anyone experiences with that?


Antwort von srone:

search times under 35mm adapter.




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