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Frage von seysa:


I'm very ingenious about this forum, I have to say about the Canon HF 100 gestolpert me synonymous and have already decided to do so. When I then, however, a large electrical retailer negotiate on the price wanted, they told me that the HF 100 is a discontinued model and now the successor HF 200 comes out for 699, - Euro. Now I do not know really what I do because I really just basic knowledge on this subject have. Likewise, the only one of them and because it is there is no longer synonymous ordered.
Should I wait for now because the price of HF 100 could fall even more, or is that HF 200 so much better that the extra cost is worth?

What is your advise to me, the HF 100 I would be 586, - Euros.
I'm a little desperate and überfragt.

Thank you in advance for your valuable tips


Antwort von deti:

Purchase you a HF100 - makes more beautiful pictures at a lesser price. So simple is this



Antwort von seysa:

Why make it more beautiful pictures?


Antwort von RickyMartini:

The HF100 has the stronger light image sensor, resulting in better pictures in low light felt.


Antwort von Shiranai:

The same opinion: Get the HF100.
The HF200 is just an infusion with a few extra frills features. The most important part - the image sensor - however, was saved. It was reduced by 20% and added more pixels daraufgequetscht. This brings even more megapixels for photos, but worse picture in low light such as room lighting.
The zoom of the HF200 is a little better, but if you do not just constantly working with Tripod, brings you this is not much, because the picture even at 12-times zoom quite blurred.
The other features such as xvColor and PreRec suck synonymous not really a reason to buy.


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