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Frage von renmo-de:

Hi, I'm coming Focusing with the description of the Manual on "manulles not" clear, complete layman and am'd Focusing on simple awareness of manual very happy. I wonder how should the adjustment be on when the foreground is blurred and blurred background reversed. Thanks in advance.


Antwort von EdwinAnDerSaar:


Have the HF100, so it should be the same.

The best results are obtained with open aperture (1.8 - 2.0)

First, the "Set" button press on the screen, then click down 2x. If you now click 1x up, the manual focus is active.

Press the joystick to the left foreground objects are made sharp, pressing it to the right causes for the background.

In order to achieve a shallow depth, it helps the little camcorder to go fairly far into the tele, zoom also. A similar distance to the object is of course necessary.

If you have any questions, I try like weiterzuhelfen.



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