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Frage von Scusiusi:

I've just spent some time looking after my problem here in the forum and the rest of the network and unfortunately found a thread with the subject. Should that still exist already, I ask for a statement and apologize for an unnecessary new thread opened.

Now to my problem:

I have a new Canon HF 20 camcorder and wanted to transfer the first recordings on my laptop. I have a laptop with Windows Vista installed bits 32nd

First, I have all the software and accessories, which has been safely delivered and installed in accordance with instructions then connected the camera via the video playback mode via USB. Will appear on the camera screen and a USB symbol on my laptop to note that, for a new USB device the appropriate drivers will be sought. This Driver is then not found. Also on the enclosed CD, he is not found.
A first trip to the Canon website showed that there are no synonymous drivers for the device.
When I launch the installed programs or video editing also installed the Canon Camera Window, I get a message that found no Canon camera.
Can anyone explain to me what I am doing wrong? Surely it can not connect so hard its a camera via USB.
I would be grateful for any tip.



Antwort von albatros34:


looking at you in the play mode menu, once the setting for the USB port. There was with my HF200 burner set instead of PC.




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