Infoseite // Canon HF 200 vs.. Canon HG 20

Frage von hkr:


I would appreciate if you could tell me if you would tend to clear one of the two - because between these two I will decide now. Used especially in enclosed spaces Frequently with external Micro.

Two main questions to drive me:

What has made me suspicious is anecdotal evidence, in the HG 20 would Festplattengeraeusche hear in the recording - can anyone tell something about this?

And then of course the picture quality: If the HF 200 in fact (relevant) worse?

If I was to discover other relevant issues - I am happy about a hint.

Thank you and greeting


Antwort von Jan:


I had here was written about it.

HF 200 and Hg 20

By nature we have in a more hard drive noise (writing & reading head), the great mass but hears no disturbing noises (so times my experience with customers). One can therefore not quite certain coins to each user. There's only a personal test.

In daylight, they are rather equal, at low light 200 from the RF falls slightly, but not much.



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