Infoseite // Canon HF Connect 100-2 collar microphones? Alternatives?

Frage von Rentokill:

Hi, we just filmed the first episode of our cooking show ( and I would like to iron out for the next episode a few technical shortcomings, forefront of the sound. Before someone suggests to me now radio mics & Co. - which is a low / no-budget production. My idea was to use two cheap microphones collar, the only problem is - HF 100, the only one microphone input, as you can possibly work with a Steckerweiche?

Here you can see what I already synonymous would be willing to spend - max. 50 ¬. mixer, etc. is so shallow. I had an alternative thought s.ein inconspicuous micro table, since we anyway only behind the dresser back and forth mooch.


Antwort von mov:

quite simple: mini-jack stereo adapter times (to camera) to 2 mono jacks (one micro). Then in the editing program with the Pan control mix.

The whole is unbalanced, so make sure that no sources of interference (cheap fluorescent lights, switching power supplies) are near the wire, and keep the cable length as short as possible. Also ALWAYS control the sound.

A well-placed table micro (mechanically decoupled) can also achieve better results when no one turns in speaking strongly. This avoids problems synonymous with cables and noise caused by friction s.der clothing.


Antwort von domain:

A good alternative would be synonymous to the catchy tune of trunk. You can split the mics s.Kabel min and with such a basic omnidirectional depending Micro apart of. 1 m reach and inconspicuous place. Sensitive to interference in indoor mini-jack mic but once. You have to fail before or at the Sound Recording with a fairly good headphones and listen in volume.


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