Infoseite // Canon HF M306 vs Panasonic SD-707 = more worth the price?

Frage von kanae:

Hello my name is Patrick
I am 24 years old.

I have until now always took pictures with my Olympus 520th
Then I bought a small Rollei SD5 camcorder and have come to the taste of the shooting.
In addition I've bought a Manfrotto tripod suction cup.

Since I am a car fan and am very happy trips as synonymous to the engine sound of a car should capture most V8 engines which are very deep and loud I am very fast s.die limits of the Rollei come camcorder.
Since biggest problem is that I do not switch off the autofocus.
So this is always trying sharp pointed but makes up the Picture mushy.
Just in the low-light so more bad than good to the camcorder can not extend to an external mic or a Wide Anglewas in such recordings is a must.

What the camcorder can be, in my opinion:
Connecting an external mic can to Angleeinstezten in connection with a dead cat and a Wide to.
If I drive through tunnels should not rush directly synonymous.

Now I've rumgeschlagen for days with the cams and I have made two cams in the eye.

Canon HF M 306 and the sisters.
Panasonic SD-707

I know that there are two completely different price ranges.
Only makes me wonder whether this is still justified.

Since the Canon for about 400 ¬ new gets loose in the Pana has to lie down twice.

I have to say to me synonymous, it would be difficult for them to strap on the car even though I 100% trust the tripod.

I would be glad if you could give me a hint.



Antwort von einsiedler:

I think the time for a new acquisition for the moment rather poor. The above models are no longer part available, the 707 is back for some more dealers become more expensive.
In the 306 you can only use the original micro DM100, as it has in addition to the Hot-Shoe Mic no connection - that would otherwise be the M31-HF, which is more expensive.
If you'd even look at the successor of Canon, you will see that their LowLight Picture is worlds better - but still offers too little Canon wide angle.
That would be better again at Panasonic, as would be the successor to the SD909.


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