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Frage von EasyGoing:


First I wanted to say that the Page class and the forum ne thing are.
For about 4days wallowing around here and I am again and again so pleased to receive useful information.

Unfortunately, I'm with my Latin and s.end hofe on written support.

For all erst I am an absolute novice.

For some time since I am the father and rest of the family only once every few weeks can come to visit, I now had the fixed idea of missing the great moments of all recorded on video.
However, I have only had experience with an SLR and a digicam, but not with a camcorder.

A few days ago it started. From time to an electrical store and looked around a bit and get advice, price range should lie with erstmal 500-700 ¬.
I was recommended a Panasonic SD20.

On reaching home, and then asked the network encountered by a roundabout route to this page. Well good luck or bad luck? ;)

Pinned on jedenfall quickly that most cameras are in lowlight s.schwächeln area and therefore of a bad Camerea to the next. For Sonyzu Canon to Panasonic and back, of SD on SR HF and HF S, etc.

In reading the forums of what the manual setting you must have to fully automatic modes, the rich.

It is difficult to gain a camcorder novice as an overview.
Luckily I know what I want, but unfortunately not what I need.

The fact is that I was looking for a device future is secure.
I want to grow up in the first place to document my son, but I've always been a person of synonymous times the finer things in life festhällt and with the camera not only senseless but draufhällt tasted what it is synonymous and experimenting.

Thus, I actually came across the Canon S11 which of course my RF Estimated Budget proposes far, but where I believe are right. The lowlight behavior is supposed to be loud and test the many setting GOOD Excellent.

Whether you need that now as a newcomer may be questionable, but I do not like after a few weeks did not detect the device provides sufficient opportunities for my experimentation enough to do.

So now to my questions.
Yes, I must get the data on my PC and edit the data synonymous.
I read that the PC's should be powerful.

What does Powerful?
Extends a 9600 Quat-Core Processor 2.3 GHz with 3GB memory and 512MB graphics card? I Windos Vista Home Premium 32bit.

Programs of Canon are provided sufficient or do I have once again deep into his pocket to grab my video editing?

And if I have a video and then edited the whole time then to an SD card pack and the grandma and grandpa's aunts and relatives to send what requirements must be met so that they can easily widergeben so synonymous?

For suggestions and for advice seher I am grateful.

Moin aus Bremerhaven


Antwort von sean83:

Hello easygoing,

So yes, I am synonymous came across the Canon.
First, because as Ziehmlich is new again and what I am nen Canon fan!

BUT, the SonyHDR-nen XR500VE is reasonable opponent!
In LowLight area it is great, hard drive is bigger, and the stabilizer is synonymous class!
Minus points are the settings that you can not do the Canon more!

Then the Sonysynonymous about 150 ¬ less expensive!

I do not synonymous what should I buy, I would s.liebste test a week or two here and interested in me then!

I hope you do not even more confused! :-(



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