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Frage von Djsaibot77:

I'm fairly inexperienced in terms camcorder. However, I have a few questions that are by searching here in the forum have not clearly answered!

Brief history:

I bought for my honeymoon (; February 2010) one of Camorder JVC (; GZ-MS95SEU). I first wanted to know whether shooting at all what is for me. Have synonymous made passable shots and then they edited with Magix VDL 15 and burned to a DVD.

So far so good!

Shooting is totally mega super and I have found a new hobby as my interests fully aausfüllt.

Only I am now with the quality of the recordings are no longer satisfied, as I have seen in many recent recordings with better cameras. And how can it be otherwise. In my mind it is written in large letters

So I looked around a little here and went for a Canon S20 HF. Since the camcorder is currently still quite expensive and I still have a little time, I'll buy that device until the end of the year.

Now to my actual problem.
Since my PC is a bit aged (; CPU Intel Core2Duo E6300 and one of Nvidia FX 5200, 2GB Ram and a 500GB hard drive) and I have no more Goldente (; unfortunately broke YESTERDAY hehe), I can not have a new PC AND Buy a camcorder. The camcorder must be already there I think if I buy something then it should be correct as synonymous. I have a tube TV still synonymous and no FulHD schlagmichtot device.
As I said it's not nunmal all at once.
Now I must somehow see to it that I get somewhat under a hood. So I want the images from the camcorder will transfer to my PC, convert the recordings so that I can work with VDL15 and then can enjoy the films. Can someone give me a hint how to work with and what programs should I (; s.besten free because the time is not required to convert is so important)

Now I come with VDL 15 synonymous cope very well and I do not really synonymous change, because I still do not have the software so long.

Probably many are now saying, "You you have to buy a new PC!"
I know synonymous, is not!

I can not imagine that I need to buy everything new, just because I want to have a new camcorder. The quality will suffer, is already aware of me, but not so bad since I still have a CRT TV. That the whole is much connected with time and theater, do I have to live with but I nunmal synonymous.

Perhaps I can some of you give a couple tips that can put themselves in my situation.

Have you ever thank you!



Antwort von Rolf Hankel:


Give it a whirl with a 30 day trial version of EDIUS (zBNeo booster) so you can even edit AVCHD natively, but will not go with your calculator. You invite for you of the Canopus website still down the AVCHD converter, so you can convert the AVCHD clips so that it synonymous with your calculator can be edited.
Is very simple, I've even praktitiziert.

Regards Rolf ...


Antwort von Djsaibot77:

@ Rolf

Thank you! I'll try the whole thing again. Hopefully it is not quite so complicated.



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