Infoseite // Canon HF10 Microphone question

Frage von BenniKohlmeier:

Hello Dear User,

I'm new here in the forum and in Neuling synonymous.
Did I save long after Canon's HF10 increased with whom I now for a disco or diverese Dj `s Party videos for each artist Myspace profiles to create. My question to HF10 knows someone like the microphone too much loud music will behave?
Are there opportunities to hire to compensate for this?

Love and the mom has not forgotten;)
The Benni


Antwort von c.herf:

The Microphone is grossly overloading. So down levels .... is determined .... in the menu (?)


Antwort von Kino:

The issue we had in analogy a few days ago here:

Alternative: Manual Page (s) 57 and 100th


Antwort von BenniKohlmeier:

Thank you both have really helped! Do everything right. :)
Then can go ...


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