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Frage von Wechiii:

Hello slashCAM community,

I have the following problem, to me at the last rotational Use is noticed. I have one person sitting in front of a green screen on a chair.

We have positioned the camera so that the lower section of the picture about the chair (for elbows) stops. Then we see by the photographs: There are almost synonymous to see 50-10% below what yet - I have not seen on the LCD display!

That can be true or not? I've now switched times with the grid, but saw no change. Is there a possibility of the complete image to see?

Is the Project jetztigen not important because I was under the arm can wegmaskieren eh, but still annoying!

Best wishes and I am pleased to answer about me,


Antwort von Jott:

Consumer camcorder never show the complete picture on the display. For something you have to dig deeper into their pocket or just work with an external monitor that can display the desired underscan.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Wechiii" wrote: ... There are just under 50-10% below to see what still synonymous - which I have not seen on the LCD display! ... Is there a possibility of the complete image to See ...
How Jott said: This phenomenon is normal and probably in almost every camcorder in this class (and synonymous still some about) found. The current HF S20/200 Canon, however, has a 100% - installed display, which eliminates this shortcoming, and the previous HF S10/100 there was at least the ability to switch to "underscan". You can even time in the operating manual of your camera to see if there is such a feature may have been synonymous with the HF20/200.


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