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Frage von sOn1c:


I have the following problem:
I film with a Canon Vixia HF200 at full resolution. Then I import it with iMovie on my iMac and edit it with After Effects. If I did then with the Media Encoder on Youtube Widescreen HD Render I then strip in the videos. I suspect these are called Inderlacestripes.

But so far I could not figure out why they occur and how to fix. Test video from Youtube I could see the other videos that were recorded with the same camera looks much better than mine:

Here's a video of me where the strip is very well recognized (especially s.den face edges)

I hope someone can help me!

Friendly greetings sOn1c.


Antwort von tommyb:

Curious ... You play the whole thing in 720p and use of interlacing (has nothing to do with Indians;)

When exporting to YouTube, you should simply "progressive" instead of "interlaced" option, then there is no synonymous Strip.


Antwort von sOn1c:

hm .. have seen it already when I was strip with iMove import ..

should I set my cam on 25fp of 50i?


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