Infoseite // Canon HFS 200 (20/21), Pana SD707 or possibly SonyCX550?

Frage von SonieUser:


Basically I am one to not like the friends who look only short times, ask and then go back, but the position can not avoid this sort of: (

Therefore, I welcome all sincere once:):):)
Class forum here, I'm already determined investigate more than 10/15h here with busy;)

Brief Introduction:

After I have recently once the video features of my (Sony) tested digicam, I come to the conclusion that I can not reconcile themselves (and will).
Then I saw a HD video and what can I say?
THAT was it / should it be ...

So we went off the Sucherrei ... and I was here for hours (and elsewhere) on the way to get ahead somehow.
It was a little out at, but nothing really useful, so now once the questions ...

Since I "a weng" Sonyverseucht am (TV, laptop, digicam) I looked first at which logically.
The hard disk models and then parted quickly.
After Testreihengestöber then remained in the flash storage on the CX550 ...
So far so good.
The problem: On my digicam, I am rare, strictly speaking, never really in Auto mode on the road, because I do not like the picture I like bolt so myself ... and since Sony has, in general, most camcorders Bissel "the look "

^ ^ The only explanation for why I like manual options! ;)

So it was now next ...
The alternatives:
I would not now go back a next why and why (which is too long)

Pana SD707:

Settings and other details (external rechargeable battery for example) very well, tests and user opinions as well.
What is missing is probably a direct focus switch ... (the Canon has once again) or is somehow "different" synonymous here?

The display will probably not be the charm, but that I will see next week ... hopefully in any market or something

Canon HFS 200/20/21

First off:
What differences there are in the models? Is that only the internal memory, the viewfinder (for the 21iger and I do not need anyway) or is there another way (can <menu navigation, for example, <that be?)

Settings and other details (precisely the focus switch), two card slots also very good ...

I have found nothing negative on this what would bother ME ...

SonyHDR CX550

Very good properties at low light, very good Image Stabilization and a great display ...
SD recordings and the choice of format (MPEG 2 / 4) are also possible

In outline:

The Pana 707 I find really great (and still the price, oho) and a really "lousy" Alternative ... if not, there is the matter with the immediate focus switches

The Canons are also HFS class thingy and when the series really differ only by the memory, the 200 stands before the very front with ...

The Sonyist still in the race but it is something "back to" ...
Although she of the technical data ansich quite makes up ground ...


I appreciate that man with None of the above devices the famous "hand down the toilet" does, but when the exact dates for the Pana / Canons I'm not sure enough.
Heavy thing a. ..

It would be great if someone has a few short answers to decision-making is at hand.




PS: I apologize sincerely apologize for the only Fragerrei "... I am indeed very technikverliebt, but when I read the posts here so I can because nothing but contribute nothing at all and it only remains for me the question. .. ;)


Antwort von srone:

hi rene,

Of the three cameras you mentioned are all technically on the same level, so that others could take more arguments here, but go once in a load and take them into the hand, all three, play a bit around that, then you will soon notice what is your s.besten, a factor not to be underestimated, in order to work with it ".




Antwort von SonieUser:

Hello SRone,

thanks for the reply:)

... And exactly the proximity of the three is yes, "the problem" (and just the little things, just as the focus switches) to let me be sure ...

But try your idea with the "in store" is very well-if I remember correctly, I have such at that time found my Sony Digicam synonymous. At that time this was the only one neatly in my "Klodeckelpfoten" was ... and that is why it is it has become synonymous ...
Well, will hold back so ...


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