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Canon HG-10 vs. Sony HDR-SR10

Canon HG-10 vs. SonyHDR-SR10

Frage von Nasus:
Februar 2008

Hi together,
I stand in front of a buy now and am still somewhat torn out and her.
And it has recently my Canon MV800 in the eternal hunting grounds adopted and I am now on the lookout for a successor. And yes as you go with the time to consider it in every case with Full-HD Resolutionsein.

After further information I am now on whether it is the Canon HG-10, or the SonyHDR-SR10 should be. Has someone experience in the direct comparison made?
Has someone ever experience with the Sony?

What s.meisten but I would be interested, is the effective Resolutiondes footage for the two types. There will always be with Full HD and was advertised for the chips Resolutions great camera but, but what is really behind the material brought. So my question is, has the footage of the two types really 1920x1080, or 1440x1080 but only?
Can I still ideally someone recording samples in dark scenes available (image noise and so ...)???
Supports Sonysynonymous 25p?

Thank you once for your effort ...

Take care - Susan ;-)

Antwort von salinger:

What irritates me very s.der SR10 is that they are a tiny 1 / 5 "has-a-chip.

So I agree with the following fact: If the new sensors (BIONZ, Exmore ...) are not really sharp, you can forget the device and into the Kloppe tonne.

If even 1 / 5 "chip really is good, then, the greater sisters SR11 and SR12 real eye in his picture!

And yes, allegedly take the Sony camcorder in full HD at - what laaaaaaaaaaaaange however, does not mean that the full-HD resolution is better than one with 1440x1080 ....

The HG-10 appears to be quite so good. Cuts in tests from super, is not unpopular ....

Antwort von salinger:

What is it with the CANON from? Can synonymous in 1920x1080 and the record still 25p?
Can the Sonysynonymous 25p or works only with 50i? And if only 50i, I can then convert 25p into synonymous with huge losses or whatever. This is always such a thing. I do not understand why so much is done with interlaced when TFT LCD and actually designed to be progressive and deinterlace one else ever has. That is always lossy ...
Are there ever been a real test for Sony?

Antwort von przy:

Oh yes, this actually looks like with the finishing of the film material. Suppose I want the Full HD on a Blue-ray disc burn, what a standard do I need then? Is it interlaced or progressive. A normal DVD has always interlaced, right? Is that in full-HD synonymous the case?

Antwort von przy:

What would happen with the camcorder HDC-HS9 of Panasonic. The 1920x1080p dominated supposedly synonymous with 3CCD (3x530k - pixel-shift) and then 25p still synonymous and 60GB HDD. Unfortunately, there are currently no tests, I would be very interested in the quality.

Antwort von przy:

"Anonymous" wrote:
What would happen with the camcorder HDC-HS9 of Panasonic. The 1920x1080p dominated supposedly synonymous with 3CCD (3x530k - pixel-shift) and then 25p still synonymous and 60GB HDD. Unfortunately, there are currently no tests, I would be very interested in the quality.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Anonymous" wrote:
"Anonymous" wrote:
... Unfortunately there is still no testing ...

But this is not a test, but the press release of Panasonic.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von clipaward:

What can be because of so general a Panasonic keep and of the pixel shift method?

Antwort von clipaward:

"Nasus" wrote:
Hi together,
I stand in front of a buy now and am still somewhat torn out and her.

After further information I am now on whether it is the Canon HG-10, or the SonyHDR-SR10 should be.

The two I would choose the HG10. (See, I have synonymous.) Reason: the bigger picture chip. In addition, the Camera synonymous otherwise a good overall package for my claims (very good picture quality, pretty good automatic white balance, very good optical stabilizer, etc.)

HG10 saves as a 1440 x 1080 and are as of 1920 x 1080. That can not be overestimated. Whether a camera, with the 1920 x 1080 stores, is better, only the optical Comparison of the results to answer. Paper is very patient.

Antwort von Noctua:

Yes and?
You can not but present Comparison!

Antwort von Noctua:

That is indeed the problem. There is no test of the Sonyand unfortunately not synonymous of the Panasonic. The synonymous, I would still very interesting for 25p!

Antwort von Chrissigorn:

I hope so, that the first test reports yet this month ... otherwise probably roll in mid-March in time for CeBIT

Antwort von Jan:

Here again rumgequatscht wild.

Do you have the 25 P mode of the Canon ever seen live?

For some interesting situations, for normal shots, it is useless, since the motion representation with 25 P is simply too bad. Even if 50i is not perfect on the PC & HD TV world fits together, but it looks better - 50 P then it should be.
It was here in the forum so often proved.

The Panasonic is at the HS 9 no different.

I think the less the HS 9 itself with its well than 500,000 effective pixels equal dignity with the HG 10 is herrausstellen, SD 5 & 9
have already lost in the test, only 3 CCD gain s.Farbqualität against Canon and Sony.

Since the HS 9, SonySR 10.11 and 12 have not yet been shipped here, eh, you can only speculate.

The reference picture has yet to HG 10 for AVCHD cameras, as if a camera ran past or will come, it is the SonySR 11 & 12 - this is pure speculation but synonymous (reasons were already written).

From the equipment, the SR 11 & 12 anyway HG advantage to 10, there would be like 576i PAL Recording PAL 576i output trim function in the camera, better still, 5.1 sound, better wide-angle, facial, xv Color, time-lapse recording, hard drive copy function to Memory Stick, bigger hard drive, etc.

So much talk at the moment not for Canon, except her momentary reference picture & stabilizer and its manual shutter. Viewfinder, Flash, 3.5 mm microphone input & headphone output have both. Ok since the HG 10 in the Moment of many companies is a loss - she has the better price.


Antwort von Jan:

Canon with one years warranty and the statutory warranty is synonymous nor a disadvantage - Sony Is full 2 year warranty, without a customer, such as Canon after 12 months the company has something beweißen. The Canon HG 10 turnovers but they are already quite well lately, well look if the SR 11 & 12 now finally come into the shops.


Antwort von Chrissigorn:

I hope that the "Exmore" technology and the new processor, the image quality on a larger (!) Chip with more pixels than the previous versions can improve.

Antwort von fantomaz:

So if now already here between the Canon and SonyCamcordern so hotly debated, one can then say that the Panasonic comes out completely? What Can a resolution of the Panasonic because effectively, thanks to its 3x 520,000 pixels chips reach. Are then seen on RGB only 520k pixels?
And what is with the Competition from? Sony dominates the real "full-HD", or is that only synonymous and interpolated so? Who of the camcorders ever mastered "Full HD" without just convert it?
What would be of the purely technical. Page better to 1920x1080 at 50i or 25p at 1440x1080?

Antwort von fantomaz:

"Anonymous" wrote:
... Dominated the Sony Real "Full HD", or is synonymous only interpolated and so ...

Since I am obviously the SonyHDR-SR10

Antwort von Jan:

Even with the Semikamera HDR FX 7, an 960x1080 CMOS.

It should be up to ¬ 20,000 Camera class does not give the really with a Full HD recording sensor, where something is expected. Yes Pana has only about 500,000 pixels, the pixels per Shift "extrapolated" to be.

25 P I think for normal shots nearly unusable, please go to a store and activates the 25 P test mode and make shots. This is not a Canon-baiting, I feel that with all models so. 25 P is sufficient for me not a good representation of movement.


Antwort von kayburg:

Just a small test report to Panasonic:


Antwort von Jan:

Today I heard SD 9 & HS 9 received.

The 25 P mode is for general shots really difficult to use the bucking is visible. The cameras even have a "swing warning" - who too fast horizontal pans will daraufhingewiesen, please be quiet it is acceptable to leave.

And the joystick (the main control) at SD 9 & HS 9 on the Page to create, I think the wrong choice - which belongs to the rear as SD 5!


Antwort von kayburg:

What is the matter of keeping the picture quality - Lowlight and daylight. Is it perhaps a sample video in 25p and Full HD get? That would be super great ...

Antwort von Jan:

The next two days I did not come about. My test films are synonymous so hard to use because I use the device very difficult to leave the business to get sample images (camera holding company) and so light a market is simply lousy.

Slashcam has a test done with both models, which can be found on the home page.


Antwort von stef08:

As it stands now, it will not ne Panasonic, Sony nor ne, but not synonymous, the Canon HG-10. It is probably the Canon HV-20, or HV-30 will be. Do let's see if the HV-30 is really better than the 20s, or whether only got a facelift.
If Sony is not really superior, then I always assumed that the non s.die HV-20 or 30 comes ...

Antwort von Chrissigorn:

The new Sony's have a total "revised" Processor Technology +.

Either the new reference picture quality than the AVCHD camcorder market boost in the consumer area,
or a Riesenflop. And while a sustained for Sony.

After over a year should / must be expected that the technologies and the first HD devices (such as the HV20) is superior!

I am dumb and stupid to laugh when the image quality of the SR11 and SR12 do not s.die Canon can reach.
Since helping gimmicks like facial synonymous nothing more.

Quality design is MUST. At least with Cams for the 1000 Euro!

Antwort von dash snow:

If only the question of how it looks with the SR10, which are priced in direct comparison to the HV20 is

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Chrissigorn" wrote:
... Quality design is MUST ...

My hope that the manufacturer and, above all, the average customer is also seen dwindles rapidly. We had already synonymous contributions as mutatis mutandis to this JVC GZ-HD7: "The Image Stabilization is good for little and the lens is not synonymous to the hit, but I'll get my camera yet: The square lens hood looks soooo cool!" ;-)

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von chrissigorn:

lol ... rectangular lens hood ...
Because yes, you can specify with properly with such a ausgetüfelten design. Is super suitable for common beer evenings ... a square lens hood! WOW! I want synonymous, since the chip may like its synonymous

1 / 5 "tall. The fact is when SonyHDR-SR10 (whose display synonymous less" pixel "has, I think).
So if the SR10 wacker against HV20 suggests, then, I would like to know how many times better the the other two models. After all, the chip 1 / 3, 1 "high (" large ").

Other differences:

1.4 million effective pixels when shooting in 16:9 format versus 3.8 million (when the times goes well)

F = 1.8 to 2.6 versus M = 1.8 to 3.1

Focal (mm): 3.1 to 46.5 versus 4.9 to 58.8

Filter diameter: 30mm versus 37mm

Zoom (optical) 15 (!) Versus 12

Still Recording: 4 (interpolated megapixels) versus 10.2

Clear Photo LCD Plus (211200 pixel) versus Xtra Fine LCD (921600 pixel ... true?)

40 GB hard drive versus 60/120 GB hard drive

........... and then there are as yet little like slightly different size.

Source: Sony homepage (German) ... I hope these data are consistent, they are everywhere else so synonymous Assessment ...

Antwort von Jan:

I think the times SR 10 none will have a chance, when the SR 11 & 12 Or Sony skin us all away .....

This shitty with the LCDs is quite annoying, Nikon and its 921,000 pixels Sonywith ie the same 307,000 pixels - good if the subpixel mitzählt ...

Well, the HG 10 has a few less features than the SR 11 & 12 - I had already described.


Antwort von Chrissigorn:

Is it even sure that the 921,000 divided by 3 pixels to be?

Is there a link where it says that only 307,000 of the Screen "whole" pixel represents?

Antwort von bento124:

Nur mal so incidentally, what can you actually recommend HDV tapes, which are not so infinitely expensive. JVC and TDK 63Min. tapes have been around for 5-6 ¬ on the Internet. But are the good synonymous?
Elsewhere, I was the tape of AY-DVM63AMQ Panasonic recommends what it synonymous for ¬ 5, is it good or suitable for HDV?

Antwort von Jan:

"Chrissigorn" wrote:
Is it even sure that the 921,000 divided by 3 pixels to be?

Is there a link where it says that only 307,000 of the Screen "whole" pixel represents?

In the photo forums is known (eg DSLR forum), Nikon and Sony have been longer this 921.00 pixel LCD's - but still a very good picture show. 921.0000 When will halt red, green and blue individually numbered.

The 4th most often photo magazine (IVW Statistics 2007) Color Still Image, thereupon all test now the LCD pixel data divided by 3 - but while I'm not quite sure - whether the 100% correct, since existing information such as the LCD with 230.000 pixels I have appeared as fair.

Where then Sony - Model DSC G 1-all at once had 921,000 pixel LCD displays - it was already just amazed - as at once to explain is now 3 times as much pixels to have within such a short space of time.

Sony Explains that as far as I know by changing the structure of the LCD, so that you're supposed to 921,000 pixels would.

Digitalkamera.de had been advised of the possibility of:

Digitalkamera.de Vorstellung G 1

Hier synonymous vermerkt:


Actually, the camera in all forums to find the two firms Nikon (for Sonybeliefert) and Sony Have there not always friends.


Antwort von Chrissigorn:

Hmm, that sounds really interesting. In any case, the LCD is the "best" camcorder in the area.
Unfortunately, the only 123k pixels Viewfinder ...

Antwort von antje:

moin, moin
would like to extend the treat, because I am "despair" bin.Lesen is synonymous but mistaken, because in the forums and journals are often s.talken professionals and the layman are badly tuned.
practically nothing because you can test (with us in MM's not even the HG 10) the following is my problem.

See HF vs. 10. SR11

the quality of HDTV recording and then expected the "copy" to an edit in the forums is a contradiction that (beginning of "bucking" on inter-polarization, etc.)
Video editing programs in connection with the recording quality are offered to me as a layman in the purchase hampering

HF10 is the "better" than the SR11? or can be seen on such "details" such as the lamp renounce?

Help ???????? :-)

Antwort von Jan:

I can understand the SR 11 & 12 is not a fair judge, as long as I do not yet have seen. Actually, one can only speculate - we must stop to wait.

What you can but with 90% certainty say that both models are at least a "good" get.

HF 100 shots I've seen were very good, despite a smaller sensor (HV 30) - but with new HD Optics.

If someday you have time, check a variety s.aktuellen TV equipment, and you will quickly find that the Ruckler not on the account of the AVCHD devices (or to a lesser extent), but bad at 50 Hz LCD panel. Just AVCHD material s.einem SonyKDL 40 / 46 X 3500 AEP 100 Hz at - and be amazed ....

I did not synonymous previously believed that the 4 non-related customers in a test in business for a Panasonic AVCHD interested s.Ende had exactly the same impression as I did, last year at the 50 Hz Model of Sonydiese Ruckler, streaks and slight blurring, while 100 Hz a wonderful picture - with almost no Rucklern despite pans.

On the PC is clearly bucking a sign of weak or non-performance & poor support from the program. Even the video player for AVCHD should be well chosen

Sometimes it is synonymous in the forums a bit exaggerated, it is partly with professional standards, compared with a normal citizen does not see (eg CA & Randunschärfen - so my impression of my clients)


Antwort von antje:

erstmal vielen dank
but my fears are synonymous in the direction of further processing. because I try to pin 11 with plus one
had simple digicam.
I read in the forum then what of the poor display HDTV resolution on dvd us. because what is truth?
or rather is the purchase of sr11 simultaneously bluerayinvestition ???????????
and my pioneer 501 (hdready) the show or is it better in 1080 i incorporated or MPEG 2 --- what the HF10 can not

ps: please understand user - thank antje

Antwort von Jan:

If you have a normal DVD burning with 720x576, then the quality of HD material modest - it has been detected here.


Antwort von Jan:

Next week will Sonydie new SR models deliver. The best ride I like to camp after Sony Central Tilburg ....

I am more than just curious about what the new models with Exmore CMOS & the BIONZ processor can now really.


Antwort von Chrissigorn:

Well ... there are more on this topic (Sr11 and Sr12) probably by the end of next week not to report.

Fingers crossed and wait for higher light sensitivity and Co.:)

Antwort von antje:

hi jan see here:


Antwort von Jan:

Many companies cheat a bit because (they say stop available - if you know when you receive goods - for the first customer to win), or have gray (which is already there).

My information was of Sony Germany - the thought s.Anfang next week starts the delivery of the first devices.


Antwort von Jan:

Yesterday, the SR 10.11 and 12 synonymous with me eingedrudelt. At the same time quickly against the HG by 10.

The LCD of the 11 & 12 - that is 921,000 pixels (so the claim is not astrein) LCD is not balancing, you might first think, the material has a new dimension.

So sharp I've still not seen the consumer class - the Lowlightbild was synonymous ne force (dark but relatively little noise)-at least s.LCD.

Then came the sobering - s.PC provided the material for me not better than Canon HG 10 clips - good LCD is deceptive So just a little before.

SR 10, so the normal 211,000 pixel LCD (ca so similar in size and Resolutionzur HG 10), the material looks very similar, probably because of SR 10 with Resolutionarbeitet significantly less than the SR 11 & 12

I think the 5 million gross pixels (SR 11 & 12) were then but a little too much (yes Canon has larger sensors with smaller resolution - then what ever is easier for this) to set the camera for indoor and Lowlightaufnahmen significantly forward to as synonymous not help Exmore new technology and the BIONZ processor.

Outdoor shots I have not done - what could go there for the new Sony rausspringen. Let's see whether I'll have time to time with the camera out to take, maybe times in the church for a CA test.

Maybe yes, "our" professional testers proboscis times a test.

A pity I had expected more - the EX 1 (synonymous Exmore - but holding large sensors) has in certain areas, clearly the new standards - the new SR models splash so to himself, (at least my first impression). As you can see again there is nothing more than 1 / 2 "sensors with matched pixel numbers or how the car says Freak - Capacity is no substitute ....


Antwort von antje:

hi jan,
this was only a brief hint of euphoria and to be honest somewhat sobering, because I was full of impatience to a statement of you waiting.

and so nu ................??????????????????????????????? ?


Antwort von Jan:

I have to work (my break is just around) and have little time to stop - so now is the time.


Antwort von antje:

the accusation was not you but went more s.meine "anticipation"
because after 10 years on video switch is "exciting"

Thus, small consolation, I had night shift and have full understanding
for you.

in diesem sinne after "beautiful feierabend"

Antwort von Jan:

There are certainly no bad camera, but I had hoped a SonyPMW EX 1 hype synonymous in the consumer class to be felt. But this is the competitor Canon HG 10 but probably too good.


Antwort von antje:

this means the HF10 is the sr11/12 "beat"? :-)

Antwort von Jan:

I go pretty much assumed. But I have only HF 10 Indoor shots seen no Lowlight and no daylight.

But I still wait for a good practical test of a user (s.besten trunk - FXsupport or magazines because I am too lazy and have too little time for the cameras on the heart and kidneys to be tested. The take the time or have better labs to accurately evaluate. Slashcam When there are certainly synonymous times a test. daheim My Calculator is synonymous far too lame to AVCHD material to cut.

It should be the church in the village but can be synonymous. A new customer is the differences rather not see, I see this in my sale very often.
Some Canon models with coarse drive noise to be about 5% of my customers discovered - the rest is it's not true - although the very well known.

The new wheel (SR 11 & 12) for eg Focus, Auto Exposure, White Balance Shift is nice, it is bigger and more stable - for me better to use than the small drum (Dial wheel) Sony Previously the program was that I like better .

I had more of the SR of 10.11 and 12 promised.

So we wait.


Antwort von segler:

Hi Jan,
times need an expert opinion. Bin beginner and would like to see the SR10 or SR11 Handycam buy.
Is SR11 a lot better than the SR10, or sufficient Beginners probably the SR10? Will not back in 5 years with a new cam to buy.
Thanks in advance

Regards, Phil

Antwort von Jan:

After my! Believes the difference is not so big, at least what the picture is concerned. This may just s.den quite happigen 5.6 million pixels at 1/3.13 "CMOS lie (SR 11), the SR 10 has a small fraction 1 / 5" CMOS but good 1 / 2 of pixels - this is similar to then from (pixel size).

The LCD of SR 11, but not force.

At the end, you must then evaluate the odds of what you really what brings, there would be as:

- Very good LCD SR 11 - a very good impression of the picture but a little deceiving - the SR 10 LCD is standard on Canon (HG 10)
- 40 GB (SR 10) to 60 GB (SR 11) hard drive
- The Photo function 4 (SR 10) to 10 (SR 11) million pixels (I would not overestimate)
- More optical zoom for the SR 10 (15x to 12x)
- The lack of viewfinders of SR 10 to SR 11,
- Dial the front wheel for the manual setting of personal focus, exposure, exposure shift and white balance shift (only SR 11)
- Headphone output (only SR 11)
- 3.5 mm jack mic input (SR 10 only on the Active Interface Shoe accessories connected - SR 11 has both options)
- And of course about ¬ 300 price difference

The test reports will come, but I was the last time usually quite good and was often of magazines confirmed. The User & magazines but usually require some time to print a test is.


Antwort von Michaela:

Hi Jan,
thanks for the quick reply! Has helped me very much. Is the viewfinders because of the advantage or you can ignore? The dial wheel is more for professionals or what can you as a Beginners synonymous with what to start? What irritates me even more is the LCD at SR11 (ne force as you write) really so great? Whether because the ¬ 300 worth?
Thanks again for your thoughts. Find ich echt klasse!

Regards, Phil

Antwort von Jan:


Dialrad which is probably for the benefit of the operator manual. Exposure Shift, White Balance Shift usually more professionals, the exposure setting (Aperture here and gain) and the Focus but already out again and amateurs.

The SR 10 can be synonymous in the Focus & Exposure (in the menu via touch screen) select, it's some users but annoying - stop looking.

When the SR 11 & 12 hats you stop the front wheel, where you now can adjust the distance (hold s.Rädchen rotate) you can taste some more manual film in the exposure is the same.

The wheel is no longer synonymous as small as its predecessor SR 7, SR 11 at fairly high quality and larger.

Through the Viewfinder is much discussed, a Viewfinder is important, but only if it synonymous with what is to be seen. Today's Consumer viewfinders are often with approximately 120,000 pixels and in color. A professional uses a much sharper SW zb Viewfinder 1.5-inch CRT - one could argue about how much the little color viewfinders brings. One must say synonymous, in this price class are the most current LCDs are already well tageslichtauglich, where it used to instantly blinded has.

On the LCD of SR 11 & 12 (the good with the "900,000" pixels), the Picture of classes better than it actually is - so my impression. If you only s.LCD would make a comparison, rival Canon has significantly inferior. I can be difficult to remember AVCHD Camera s.einer times as a sharp Picture s.LCD to have seen. On the PC, I found the pictures but, unfortunately, only good and the average counts.


Antwort von edgar:

hi jan,
did as expected with the added sr11
had to practice in the time between one or other of digicam sony and panasonic.
Now yesterday was my 11er `.
was für ein geiles teil. the lcd is the hammer, the first shots are super, the operation for layman to understand and the "night mode" thick enough.
thanks to the forums I had with the mini HDMI already prepared and I was able to try my old hd ready 50 "pioneer of
what's on the laptop yet, well then looked brilliant on the plasma

So I'm happy now and if my players first pinnacle fully satisfied.

as a layman, I thank you for your vorinfos and give sony: 12 POINT `s

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