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Frage von Moogsystem55:


I once had a Anfrage.Ich'm looking for the Canon HG-20, because I've read, it is an analog input haben.Für me it would be great if it were a video, so I copy it to your analog material Cam can make it then digitize.Nur input I look into selling text for the HG-20 is not quite durch.Handelt there is a pure analog sound, or is it really an analog video in?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Moogsystem55" wrote: ... interested in the Canon HG-20, because I've read, they should have an analog input ... so that I can copy it to your analog material to Cam then to digitize ...
(Such questions about the technical equipment can be s.schnellsten answered by a glance at the homepage of the manufacturer or the manual where it can) be downloaded. What there is, however, does not rejoice, because the HG20 does not have AV input, so synonymous is no built-in A / D converter, and thus not suitable for digitizing analog recordings of.


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