Infoseite // Canon HG20, Panasonic HDC-SD100 or Canon HF200?

Frage von Backgroundworld:


Perhaps you can help me so, what cam I should buy.
The so stand up ^ ^.

Personally, I find the Panasonic very well, because of its rotating rings.

The camcorder should have a microphone input.

It should perhaps be quite good if the camcorder synonymous with SD (; can = DVD film). But is not sooo important .. synonymous does not know whether the may camcorder.

;-) But you are here the pros!

Thanks in advance
World Background


Antwort von Jan:


The question here is common, eg like this:


The SD 100, you will hardly find now, since there are already several successors (SD 200,300, TM 350, etc.).

The two canyons are particularly clearly superior sharpness in the field of old SD 100th Canon has no direct standard definition for this recording, but what can you do later s.Computer synonymous.



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