Infoseite // Canon HV-20 - display spins ...

Frage von nicecam:


lately, the display shows both the recording as synonymous playback mode sometimes (rarely) to strange.

The viewfinder seems to be not affected, hence the output to TV not synonymous.

So far I have not synonymous reproduce this error on command can. It occurs, not at the back off and then on again if necessary. So I've been reset not synonymous.

Does anyone of you this problem?


Antwort von tommyb:

From the service so that - that there is no cure out from the forum.


Antwort von nicecam:

Not even by laying hands on distant healing? :-)

Well, then I should look into it once. Can now at least enclose the Stillimage, for betting: In the repair shop is' s guarantee to famous / infamous demonstration effect.

Still - still I would be interested whether anyone of you had this problem.


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